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Please Welcome a New AFi Sponsor:!

We are very exited to welcome as our newest sponsor at!

If you are anything like me you love the action figure photography that is happening now in the hobby, but you don’t have the skills to build tiny sets or have time to scout locations.   That’s where our friends at Diorama Prints come in.

Diorama Prints are professionally designed high-quality dio prints. Think of them as the “in-between” option of a home printable diorama and a more extensive pop-up diorama.  Each set comes with 2 walls and best of all a floor that matches the scene.  You can set them up in any formation you like and you are ready to shoot your figures or just display them in an interesting “scene.”   Diorama Prints already have 20 different “locations” and there are more on the way.   You can buy an 3 print set or bundles are available with multiple scenes.

You can see these prints in action on their offical Instagram or Facebook.


These are artist-quality prints that feel more like thin poster board than standard print paper. Each panel is professionally printed on premium 216GSM 80lb uncoated matte card stock. Although printed on uncoated matte, the paper print will have a slight sheen due to the anti-smudge and semi-scratch resistant coating.

Diorama Prints ship you the premium prints and you assemble at home!  You can learn more details about assembly by clicking here.

You can learn more about Diorama Prints  or place an order by visiting our website at

Use the coupon code: AFISAVE15 and get 15% off your order!


We just got a few sets ourselves so you will be seeing them in action here soon!