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Sentinel RE:EDIT Iron Spider Spider-Man Figure Up for PO!

It’s been a little while since I’ve talked about a Sentinel RE:EDIT Marvel figure, but they’ve really made me sit up and take notice with their latest solicitation. No, it’s not (quite) another in their seemingly endless parade of Iron Man armor permutations (and repainted)—it’s actually a character Sentinel has never tackled before at all: the Sentinel Iron Spider RE:EDIT figure is now up for order! 

Iron Spider Sentinel REEDIT Action Figure Sixth Scale Robot ArmsWhile I was initially really excited when Sentinel debuted their line of Marvel RE:EDIT figures a few years back, I quickly ended up tiring out after a multitude of Iron Man (and War Machine) armors. Hey, I love Iron Man as much as the next guy (who also owns thousands upon thousands of dollars in Iron Man figures), but even I have my Iron Man limits.

That said, Sentinel’s latest pre-order is still an armor developed by Tony Stark, but it’s something wholly different than what we’ve gotten before: the comic book-based Iron Spider armor!

Sentinel REEDIT Iron Spider FigureWhile I think Marvel Studios did a bang-up job designing the Avengers Infinity War Iron Spider movie armor, that costume just doesn’t have the same flair to it that the one Peter Parker donned in the comics does.

Sentinel Iron Spider Spider-Man Figure REEDIT without ArmsWhile the other RE:EDIT figures have mostly been in the 7”-8” range, this Iron Spider is a BIG BOY. He’s clocking in at 11” tall, and is being billed as a 1/6 scale figure. While that size is fine if we’re considering this a teen Peter Parker (which it shouldn’t be), it’s pretty questionable for an adult Peter Parker sixth scale figure.

Back of Sentinel RE EDIT Iron Spider 11 Inch FigureThe good news is that many collectors are going to want to display this figure with their Hot Toys MCU figures, where a slightly shorter Spider-Man isn’t going to look out of place (and when you’re mixing movie and comic figures anyone, authenticity be damned).

Sentinel Spider-Man Iron Spider REEDIT Figure Running PoseEverything about this figure looks sleek, stylin’ and downright amazing. The metallic paint picked looks spot-on, and having owned some of Sentinel’s past figures, I know the final product will look just as slick.

Iron Spider RE EDIT Sentinel Figure PosingAnd hey, as you may have noticed, this Iron Spider Sentinel figure is packing his comic-based trio of mechanical arms, just the way he should be. They’re detachable, they’re articulated, and they look incredible. The amount of posing potential that the robot arms give Iron Spider–even just from what we can see in these few photos–is freaking unbelievable. If this isn’t the coolest Iron Spider-Man action figure ever made, I really don’t know what is.

Sentinel RE EDIT Iron Spider-Man Figure CrouchingUnfortunately, what a lot of fans not accustomed to high-end figures like this will also find unbelievable is the price: about 300 bucks in the United States. Given the larger size of this figure (not to mention the die-cast parts), it’s actually a better value than most of the other Sentinel Marvel figures that have been released.

But $300 is $300, and that may be too much for many collectors’ blood—best Iron Spider Spider-Man figure ever made or no.

Sentinel Re Edit Iron Spider Action Figure Pre-OrderThe Sentinel Iron Spider RE:EDIT figure is now up for pre-order online, and is scheduled to ship out in late December 2018/early January 2019. So far I’ve only seen this listed on BBTS in the United States, but I’ll update when (if) other U.S. retailers put it up for sale. It’s been quite a while since I ordered a Sentinel RE:EDIT action figure, but I’m crushing on this figure hard. This one is a definite purchase for me, no doubt about it.

I rarely hear collectors talking about the Sentinel figures at all: any collectors of the RE:EDIT Series out there? If you buy this line, how do you like it? And if you’ve never bought one before, is this Iron Spider making you reassess that?

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