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REVIEW: Captain Marvel Movie Marvel Legends Nick Fury Figure

Although the Captain Marvel movie will primarily be featuring a slew of characters that are new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are still a couple familiar faces in the film. And the most hype-worthy of the returning MCU mainstays is Samuel L. Jackson, who reportedly will be getting an origin story of a sorts in the film. And to celebrate, he’s also getting his first mass-released 6” figure: the young Nick Fury Marvel Legends movie figure (with Goose “cat”!) is now available online—is the future director of SHIELD worth your 20 bucks?

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Movie Nick Fury & Goose Cat ReviewIf anyone had asked me who the “hot” figure from the 6” Marvel Legends Captain Marvel movie series was going to be, I wouldn’t have guessed Nick Fury. I wouldn’t—but I should have. As the first non-exclusive Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury six inch figure, this figure has generated a lot of excitement among SLJ fans—and the fact that this is one of only two figures coming with a pack-in Goose the Cat is only helping the figure’s popularity.

Young Nick Fury is definitely the faster seller in the Kree Sentry Wave—is his popularity justified? This one is pretty easy to answer: Yup! From virtually every angle, this figure is a victory.

Close-Up of Young Nick Fury Marvel Legends FigureObviously, the most critical facet of this figure is the head sculpt, with the Samuel Jackson likeness being make or break for this figure. Thankfully, Hasbro has pulled it off. Though it still throws me a bit seeing Nick Fury young, with two eyes, and without an eyepatch, this is easily recognizable as SLJ at a glance.

Captain Marvel Legends Nick Fury Figure in BoxThis head sculpt doesn’t get into the Hot Toys uncanny valley or anything (nor should anyone expect a 20 dollar figure to), but when my wife sees a figure and instantly compliments the (correct) actor likeness, I know it’s a victory. Nice work, Hasbro.

Back of Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Movie Nick Fury 6" FigureThe rest of the figure is what we’re accustomed to from these standard suited figures. The belt, dress pants and loafers are all well-sculpted, and I applaud Hasbro for including sculpted and painted suspenders inside of the suit jacket which no one will ever see (what with being covered by the jacket and all).

Missing Paint on Nick Fury Marvel Legends Figure HairThere’s not a ton of paint deco on this figure, but what is there is well-executed—with the exception of Nick’s hair, which is strangely missing several areas of paint entirely.

Captain Marvel Legends Nick Fury Figure Shooting Talos SkrullThe articulation scheme is what we’ve come to expect: ball-hinge head and shoulders; double-hinge elbows and knees; swivel waist, biceps and thighs; ab crunch; ball-jointed hips; swivel-hinge wrists and ball-hinged ankles with rockers.

Box Back Captain Marvel Movie Nick Fury Legends FigureCould more articulation be shoehorned into this figure? Probably—but when you’ve got a guy in a suit, I just don’t see the point. This is beyond adequate and then some for this type of figure, and I’m always pleased with the range of motion that’s achievable despite the add-on suit jacket.

Young Nick Fury Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Series ReviewThe trigger finger on Nick Fury’s left hand can be placed onto the trigger of his pistol without issue, which is always a minor thrill for me. On the downside, the always-questionable black plastic used for the elbow and knees joints definitely feels wobbly and a little loose, one of my pet peeves.

Captain Marvel Cat Goose Figure in Chains and ManaclesAlong with a pistol and the Kree Sentry Build-A-Figure right arm, Nick Fury includes one other accessory: a pack-in of Goose the Cat with manacles on! This figure was the first indication to many that this “cat”, uh, “may” not be your typical feline.

Nick Fury Holding Goose Cat Marvel Legends 2019 FiguresBecause of how the tail is sculpted, Goose cat can’t stand up on his own. He has to either lay around or be held up by the scruff sculpted onto his back. I absolutely love the visual of having Samuel Jackson holding up Goose, and it’s legit my favorite thing to do with the Nick Fury figure.

The paint detail on Goose is decent for such a small pack-in figure, and including him here is another big selling-point. Coupled with the popularity of Sam Jackson and the insatiable demand for figures in suits (particularly black suits), and we have the well-deserved fastest-selling figure in the Kree Sentry Series.

Captain Marvel Movie Figures Nick Fury ReviewOverall: While “a dude in a suit” is never the most visually compelling thing to have on one’s shelf—this figure still hits all the right notes. The crucial Samuel L. Jackson portrait is a winner, the articulation scheme is perfect for this type of character, the trigger finger works as it should, and manacled Goose “cat” puts a big smile on my face.

The black plastic used feels a bit wobbly at some of the joints and I’m not overly impressed with some missing paint deco on young Nick Fury’s hair, but otherwise I’m totally satisfied with this figure. I doubt we’ll ever see this version of Fury revisited in 6”, so if you want it, now’s the time.


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