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Iconic Motorcycle Gets The LEGO Treatment

LEGO has unveiled a brand new LEGO Creator Expert set that celebrates the innovative engineering and iconic design of one of the world’s most famous motorcycle manufacturers. The LEGO Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy replica model is made up of 1,023 pieces, measures 12 inches long, and is packed with special features, including a Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons, dual exhaust pipes, handlebar steering, and a moveable gearshift pedal and brake.


Developed in partnership with Harley-Davidson, this detailed LEGO interpretation of the iconic Milwaukee motorcycle captures the beauty and authenticity of the real-life machine. The set will be available beginning August 1 (July 17 for LEGO VIP).

Harley Davidson Life-Size Model

Additionally, LEGO Master Builders have created a life-size model of the motorcycle, complete with silver coated parts, Wi-Fi animation control, sound and light effects to imitate a real Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and 6000 special LEGO elements. The extraordinary creation took 865 hours to build, is made of 69,569 pieces and will be on display at select LEGO stores and Harley-Davidson events for fans to see.

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