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Marvel’s Black Widow RED GUARDIAN Statue

In addition to statues of Taskmaster and Yelena (and a soon-to-be-announced statue of Natasha Romanoff), Iron Studios presents the Red Guardian as part of their new Marvel’s Black Widow line of statues.

Red Guardian BDS-IS_11

Standing 7.8-inches tall, this 1/10 Art Scale Statue depicts the long-bearded Russian-Soviet super-soldier ready to fight. The giant advances through folders and file drawers, with damaged documents near his feet, on the base floor, ready to face with clenched fists any enemy in front of him, and defend his protege allied agents against the threat of the mysterious villain, Taskmaster.

Iron Studio’s Marvel’s Black Widow Red Guardian 1/10 Art Scale Statue arrives in the second quarter of 2022 priced at $139.99. Scroll on for more photos!

Red Guardian BDS-IS_12

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