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Funko Savage World Thundercats Roar onto store shelves!

When Funko announced the Savage world line, with it’s vintage-style 5.5″ form factor, little did we know that vintage properties were right around the corner.  Enter Thundercats, a property near and dear to my 80’s heart.  In fact, when I think about out, had Mattel produced Thundercats toys in the 1980’s, I’m betting they would’ve looked just like these.  Series one is hitting retail now, and series 2 is coming REAL soon, getting close to accomplishing a feat no modern Thundercats line has done; completing the core team.


These are really fun, solid toys.  looking at the Savage World offerings shown at Toy Fair and beyond, I think that Thundercats lends itself perfectly to this format.  I can’t wait to see where this whole line goes!  That said, let’s take a look at series one:







Full disclosure time – I did a couple of the paint masters for these for Funko, and it was such a pleasure; I’m a huge Thundercats fan!  I’d like to thank Funko for sending these to me for review!  Look for these to appear on retail shelves at your local stores and online.