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Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Arnim Zola & Baron Zemo Up for Order!

It may be tough to believe, but Hasbro is about to release their third 6” Marvel Legends Arnim Zola action figure this year, alongside their fourth Baron Zemo. That said, fandom still has a healthy appetite for both of these nefarious nazis, and their latest releases do look quite nice for those who need them: the Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Zemo & Arnim Zola 2-Pack is now up for order!

Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Baron Zemo Arnim Zola Figures Packaged in Box

When Hasbro first released Arnim Zola as a Build-A-Figure in 2012, I thought it was unlikely that Zola would ever make a return appearance in 6” plastic form. I was wrong, as he did make a comeback in 2018 as part of a 2-pack with evil Captain America Serpent Supreme.

And it turns out I was wrong again, as the mad scientist is returning once again this spring as part of a set exclusive to Amazon! But this time, Arnim Zola comes paired with a different fascist: the original Baron Zemo, Heinrich Zemo!

Marvel Legends 2024 Baron Zemo Figure Heinrich

Father of the well-known Helmut Zemo, Heinrich was the villain responsible for Captain America being frozen in ice and Bucky’s apparent death at the end of World War II, making him a pretty big deal of a supervillain.

Box Back 2024 Marvel Legends Arnim Zola & Baron Zemo

This original Baron Zemo is no stranger to Marvel Legends, as he was actually the first 6” Zemo Legends action figure released, way back in 2006’s Toybiz Series 14 (the Mojo Series). Hasbro has released 3 versions of Heinrich’s son since that time (including a live-action Disney+ iteration), but the first Baron Zemo is finally ready to live again in toy form!

Arnim Zola Marvel Legends 2024 Amazon Exclusive Figure

Nazis are always a tough sell to retail stores, so this two-pack that primarily adult collectors will be keen for is a good fit for an Amazon exclusive set. I’m not ticked to see a third release of what’s in essence the same Arnim Zola toy we’ve seen twice before, but I know a lot of fans still need him so it’s nice for them that he’s back out in circulation again for those who want him for retail price.

Amazon Marvel Legends Baron Heinrich Zemo Arnim Zola Action Figures

I think the big prize here is definitely the 2024 Marvel Legends Baron Zemo l, though. The Toybiz Heinrich was a very good toy for its time, but 18 years later doesn’t hold up quite as well as it once did. The new version by Hasbro adds modern articulation and a truly hideous unmasked head that I think will allow this figure to replace the 3006 one on most collectors’ shelves.

2024 Marvel Legends Arnim Zola Baron Zemo 6" Figures and Accessories

The Marvel Legends Arnim Zola and Baron Zemo 2-pack is available exclusively on Amazon now, and is scheduled to arrive in the next couple months. The pack is priced at $49.99, which is consistent with the current retail pricing of about $25 per figure. Will you be adding these characters to your shelves (or upgrading previous versions of them there), Marvel collectors?

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