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Marvel Legends Ghost Rider & Motorcycle Up for Order! Danny Ketch!

After a devastating crash-and-burn Haslab campaign, the Spirit of Vengeance is riding into Marvel Legends again! While our collections may be lacking Robbie Reyes now for all-time, the iconic 90s Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, is back with an awesome updated figure and also a new ride: the Marvel Legends Danny Ketch Ghost Rider & Motorcycle set went up for sale today! Is this hotly-demanded set blazing into your collection, Marvel collectors?

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Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Dany Ketch And Motorcycle Packaged

While Johnny Blaze is traditionally the most popular iteration of Ghost Rider, there’s a generation of fans who grew up in the era of Danny Ketch, giving him a sizable fandom of his own.

And so, it feels a little peculiar that we haven’t had a specific 90s Ghost Rider Danny Ketch 6” figure released in the main Marvel Legends lineup since the Toybiz days 20+ years ago (no, that Retro Johnny Blaze figure in Ketch colors does not count). But the wait is at an end—and it’s been worth it, as Hasbro has brought their ‘A-Game’ for this 90s throwback!

While the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider Legends figure is sadly utilizing a reused head from the 2015 Spider-Man Rhino series Johnny Blaze, the rest of the figure uses modern tooling and articulation, including the pin-less knees and elbows that shine aesthetically. The chain whip covered in flame effects is also a highlight of this enormously cool action figure.

2024 Hasbro Ghost Rider Marvel Legends Flaming Bike Doing Wheelie

The real main event here is, of course, Ghost Rider’s motorcycle. It’s a stark contrast from the vintage-looking Johnny Blaze motorcycle we got a few years ago, and looks absolutely stunning with a variety of flame effects on the bike itself and its accessories. It’s nice to see some of the pieces from the failed Engine of Vengeance Haslab live on!

2024 Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Motorcycle Deluxe Figure Set

The flaming tires on the motorcycle look extremely slick, but the fiery “wheelie” kickstand base is my favorite inclusion. Ghost Rider isn’t at the top of my list of favorite characters, but this is just an all-star release by Hasbro thsts sure to be one of their best-selling deluxe items this year.

Danny Ketch Marvel Legends 2024 Figure with Motorcycle

The 2024 Marvel Legends Ghost Rider & Motorcycle set is now up for preorder, at the very reasonable price-point of $49.99. What do you think of this updated Danny Ketch, Marvel collectors? Did Hasbro earn your dollars for this deluxe release?

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