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The Best Outdoor Baby Toys


These set of cups used for stacking, collapsing, and sorting will hold your baby’s attention. These cups are very easy to manage, clean, and pick up. Babies can stack the cups from big to small. Each cup fits into one another. Your baby will gain important cognitive skills while learning to stack and collapse.


This is not your everyday average picnic blanket. This blanket is water resistant, lightweight, washable, and easy to handle. Babies can safely conduct their tummy time on this blanket. As adults, you can have picnics; watch the clouds above with your child or bird watch together.


These 3 colorful fish are numbered and meant for grabbing, scooping, and straining. There are a set of three bright fish, and a net going along with the set. Hand-eye coordination is something children learn in their early stages, and this toy helps them along with it. It is the perfect toy for outside or inside and is easy to clean and manage.


This classic toy is similar to the Stacking Cups in its cognitive skill level. It is colorful, and has a rattle atop the stack. Each ring has its own color. It stacks on a small yellow pole from widest ring to narrowest ring.


Babies and toddlers love to swing in the air. The rush felt when swinging creates sweet, lovely giggles. It is easy to hang and is given five stars in safety. This Little Tikes swing has a T-bar that goes between the legs and across the lap for security. It also has straps for extra protection.


This vibrant rubber ball is perfect for the outdoors and indoors. It comes in different colors and is very inexpensive. It will keep the attention of babies and toddlers alike. These balls are easy to grip, throw, and catch.

What is it’s raining outside?

Well, the good thing about the rain is that it gives you an excuse to give your baby some time indoors with his indoor toys. The learning table for babies is probably the best indoor baby toy as it keeps your baby entertained and educated for hours!

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