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Super7 Powers of Grayskull HE-RO Action Figure Update – NEW IMAGES ADDED

UPDATE 9-21: Super7 has released new images (above and below) showing off their He-Ro figure, now with updated vac-metal torso and boots.

Super7 announces that the pre-sale for their Masters of the Universe Vintage Collection Wave 2 Figures has been extended to Monday, October 1st.

Super7 has been hard at work on making these figures the very best they can be, and have made some improvements since this pre-order started, most notably to the Powers of Grayskull collection.


The original prototype for He-Ro featured a vac-metal gold torso and boots. Early Super7 prototypes featured a metallic gold paint (pictured above), rather than the vac-metal finish. Fans voiced their concern and Super7 has listened! The Super7 He-Ro figure will officially come with vac-metal torso and boots, just like it was intended. Additionally, both He-Ro and Eldor will now be packaged with a mini-comic style booklet featuring concept artwork and history of the development of the characters.

The Beast Man, Man-At-Arms, Robot He-Man, and Teela 5.5″ Figures will come with the previously announced cartoon-accurate accessories and features.

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