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Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Domino Premium Format Statue Up for PO!

Sideshow Collectibles put a record-breaking five female X-Men Premium Format Figures up for order last year, but it looks like the party isn’t over for fans of the X-Ladies just yet! Though I’m not sure she’s ever technically been part of the core “X-Men” team, her movie appearance in Deadpool 2 and relationship with Cable has put her on the map as a major fan-favorite: the 1:4 Sideshow Exclusive Domino Premium Format Figure is now up for order! And this is another piece I would say is definitely “EX or bust”…

Sideshow Collectibles Domino Statue on Slot MachineNow that Disney licensing is willing to play ball again, we seem to be in the midst of a real golden age of X-Men collectibles once again, with almost every major company around focusing on giving us a variety of X-Men figures and statues the likes of which we hadn’t seen in years.

One such company is Sideshow Collectibles, which has been parading out new X-Men statues almost every other month for the past year. And after revisiting old favorites like Rogue and Psylocke, Sideshow is turning its attention to characters who haven’t had the 1:4 attention before such as X-23 and today’s new PO: Domino.

Domino Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure Statue Close-UpThe Rob Liefeld-created Domino has been a mainstay of many iterations of X-Force since the founding of the team, and after appearing as a mini-bust and as part of a diorama in the past, she’s finally getting her first quarter-scale resin statue of her own!

Size Comparison Apple with Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Domino FigureDiamond Select Toys put their awesome 1/6 Marvel Premier Collection Domino Resin Statue up for order last year, but for those are looking for something bigger and even more detailed—and with a very different interpretation—this might be the 20″ Neena Thurman for you.

Back Side View of Domino Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format FigureWhile PFF statues are typically action-based, Sideshow has gone with an unusual approach for Domino: a sexy pose with Neena lounging atop a slot machine that’s hit the jackpot. On paper I would have rejected a pose like this, but the bullet-filled slot machine is filled with tremendous detailing and really won me over.

Close-Up of Sideshow Collectibles Domino Statue Slot Machine BaseThis is a major departure from the rest of the X-Men Premium Format Statue series, but it is a creative way of demonstrating Domino’s “luck” powers. I love the “Days of Future Ca$h” title on the machine, and the fact that it’s battle-damaged makes this piece feel a bit more action-packed.

Sculpting Detail Close-Up on Sideshow Collectibles Domino PF FigureThe Domino figure itself looks dangerous and intimidating despite her nonchalant pose, and the sculpting on her costume is indisputably wonderfully detailed. I would have picked a more traditional style for a 1:4 Domino myself, but this piece has a certain flair to it that has to be respected.

Sideshow Exclusive Domino Premium Format Figure HeadAs always, there’s a Sideshow Exclusive Domino version—and this is another piece where I think the EX is absolutely crucial. For whatever reason, Sideshow opted to make the short-haired Domino portrait the default head, with the iconic long-haired portrait being the exclusive interchangeable head.

This is a real head-scratcher (no pun intended) for me, as Domino’s most popular and recognizable look has always been with long hair. I can’t imagine that many collectors are going to choose to save 15 bucks and go for the “regular” version, which sort of renders that version meaningless to me. But if the goal is just to generate EX sales, Sideshow should be successful with this stratagem.

Comparison of Sideshow Domino Premium Format Figure Portrait HeadsThe Sideshow Premium Format Domino Exclusive Statue is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released toward the end of 2019. With major characters like Miles Morales selling out with tiny edition sizes of 500 prior to shipping, I’ll be very interested to see how well a supporting character like Domino does and just how low the edition size on her EX ends up being. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it ends up being a rare piece.

What’s your take on Sideshow’s latest “first time” Premium Format Figure, Marvel collectors? Are you delighted by their take on Domino, or is this piece a hard pass for you? And if you are getting it—is this “EX or bust”, or are you satisfied with the Collector Edition short haired portrait?

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