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SH Figuarts Loki! Nebula! Winter Soldier! Coulson! Scarlet Witch!

While the end has come for major conventions in 2018 in the United States, it’s not quite over yet in Japan! Tokyo Comic Con 2018 is in full force this weekend, and although this isn’t a show that Hasbro attends, there are ample goodies to check out from other companies such as Hot Toys, Medicom and Kotobukiya. But the company who’s brought the most new Marvel figures to the show is Bandai Japan, who unveiled a plethora of new 6” figures, including SH Figuarts Captain Marvel, Agent Coulson, Nebula, Scarlet Witch, Loki and more!

SH Figuarts The Winter Soldier Movie Figures Tokyo Comic ConBecause of the fact that Bandai started off just dabbling their toes in the water with MCU figures of Iron Man, there are quite a few prominent characters who’ve never gotten the S.H. Figuarts treatment.

But now that the Marvel Figuarts line has become one of the best-selling and most popular action figure lines in the world, it’s time to fill in the gaps of the past while making sure to cover the bases for future films. And so, the latest announcements includes characters from the first Avengers movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Winter Soldier and even the upcoming Captain Marvel film!

SH Figuarts Captain Marvel Figure Revealed Tokyo Comic Con 2018The classic red and blue S.H. Figuarts Captain Marvel figure should be going up for order shortly, so I’ll forgo talking about her in too much detail for the moment. But even at a glance, it’s pretty obvious that this figure is a beauty! Terrific Brie Larson likeness, wonderful sculpted textures and details… this release is going to be a winner.

SH Figuarts Star Force Captain Marvel Green Costume FigureComparatively, while the green Kree costumes version of Carol Danvers is looking snazzy as well, I’d expect how it fares sales-wise to depend largely upon the level of hype and buzz for the movie as we approach it. Great figure, though!

SH Figuarts Agent Phil Coulson Figure Tokyo Comic Con 2018Almost unquestionably the biggest surprise of the show for Bandai Japan is this SH Figuarts Coulson figure. Agent Coulson is definitely a fan favorite, but the Clark Gregg portrait on this figure seems a bit questionable (and that’s being generous)—and the head is obviously oversized right now. I’ll be very intrigued to see if this figure ever gets an actual release.

SH Figuarts Scarlet Witch Figure Infinity War Tokyo Comic ConTwo figures that word broke would be debuting at the 2018 Tokyo Comic Con were Loki and the Scarlet Witch, and I’m very pleased with both of them. Scarlet Witch is in her Infinity War costume and looking mighty fine—but hey, where’s Vision, Bandai? 😉

SH Figuarts Loki Figure Avengers Tokyo Comic Con 2018Meanwhile, I’m baffled by the fact that Hasbro has never gone back and upgraded or revisited the original Avengers Loki 6” movie figure. But Hasbro’s loss is Bandai’s gain—there’s going to be a huge demand from fans for this Figuarts Loki.

SH Figuarts Avengers Hulk Figure 2018 Tokyo Comic ConA new Figuarts Hulk from the original Avengers movie also arrived on the scene in Tokyo. This looks nice, although I wonder if demand will still be high for this with Gladiator Hulk recently released and Infinity War Hulk arriving soon?

SH Figuarts Avengers Movie Thor Figure RevealedAnd hey, if you’re going to have a Hulk, you might as well have a new Thor from the original Avengers movie to go with him, right? I kind of cringe at the Avengers Thor costume these days, but this is a fun figure with a bit of a blast-from-the-past-feel.

SH Figuarts Teen Groot Figure Infinity War Guardians of the GalaxyUnbelievably, while Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon have each gotten the S.H. Figuarts treatment now on multiple occasions, we’ve never gotten a standalone Groot figure from Bandai. That’s about to change, though–an Infinity War Groot in his lanky teenage form is on-hand and looking stellar at Tokyo Comic-Con.

SH Figuart Nebula Figure from Avengers Infinity War Tokyo Comic Con 2018And while our collections are still lacking Bandai Figuarts Gamora and Drax figures, looks like we’ll be getting… Nebula! I wonder if Bandai Japan knows something we don’t about the Avengers 4 movie? Hmmm….

SH Figuarts Iron Man Hall of Armor Display Tokyo Comic Con 2018It just wouldn’t be an MCU SH Figuarts showing if there wasn’t a new Iron Man debuting as well, right? And this time, Bandai has, uh… several. Among the many armor permutations that Bandai has already released, I spot Hot Rod, Shotgun, Mark 8, Midas, Python, Heartbreaker and Silver Centurion armors. No rest for the Iron Man collectors!

Tokyo Comic Con SH Figuarts Winter Soldier FigureRounding out the multitude of of reveals from Tokyo Comic Con 2018, it’s the totally unexpected arrival of a Winter Soldier Figuarts figure! I wasn’t satisfied with the Infinity War Bucky figure Bandai did, so I thought my Figuarts collection might have to remain Bucky-less.

But I guess Bandai thought otherwise, as they’ve created the best 6” Sebastian Stan Winter Soldier figure ever here! This obliterates the Hasbro Legends Bucky figures in every conceivable way. A huge win for Bandai Japan!

2018 Tokyo Comic Con Classic Captain America Winter Soldier Figuarts Action FigureThere’s also a Golden Age Classic Captain America Figuarts figure from late in The Winter Soldier displayed at Tokyo Comic Con. Cap is always a sure-fire seller, and I’m certain this will get released to coincide with Bucky and sell like a dream.

Tokyo Comic Con 2018 Marvel SH Figuarts Figures Loki Nebula Captain MarvelBandai SH Figuarts figures are available for order primarily online in the United States, with a variety of Avengers Infinity War Figures currently on-tap to arrive in the next several months. I’d expect to see Captain Marvel up for PO in the VERY near-future, with the rest going up for sale spread out throughout 2019.

What do you think of this latest massive dump of new prototypes, SH Figuarts fans? Are there any MCU characters among the new reveals that you’re dying to own, and what characters are you still hoping to see Bandai tackle?

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