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REVIEW: Cryptozoic DC Bombshells Classic Mera, Plus Special Offer

-Review and photos by Scott Rubin

DC Bombshells, the unique interpretations of classic characters, is hotter than ever, and Cryptozoic Entertainment continues to be a leader in providing great collectibles of these iconic ladies (and occasionally men).  Their best-known series is the 7 inch stylized figures which bring you the inhabitants of this 1940s-inspired retro world as created by artist Ant Lucia in a fun, cute style.  We took a look at their DC Bombshells Series 3 (designed by Pedro Astudillo and sculpted by Anders Ehrenborg) at the end of last year, and now one of those superheroes is back in a new variant that’s really neat: DC Bombshells Classic Mera!  We’ve got an in-depth look at this undersea queen with a fresh new paint scheme, but that’s not all… Cryptozoic has also given us an exclusive coupon code for our readers.  Purchase a Classic Mera from the Cryptozoic website and get a FREE DC Lil Bombshells: Series 2 figure!  Make sure to enter the coupon code “CMera-FC” at checkout to get your little pal, and let them know sent you (offer good until the end of May).  Alright, let’s “dive in” and check out Classic Mera!


From Street Fighter to the DC Bombshells, Cryptozoic’s vinyl figures come in familiar packaging, and Classic Mera’s is almost identical to what the standard release presented.  It’s a highly decorated, tall window box with company and character logos surrounding the figure on the front panel.  The main difference here is the inclusion of a sticker that says simply and to the point: Exclusive Edition: Classic Mera.  The rest is the same as the original, with the box sides repeating the character’s name and logo while offering more views of the vinyl figure inside. 


The back panel features photos of all three Bombshells in Series 3: Mera, Harley Quinn, and Black Canary.  As always, Cryptozoic gives you a nice, display-worthy box that’s perfect for those who don’t open their toys, or just an added bonus to those of us who do.


With the vinyl figure line starting back in 2016, Cryptozoic has perfected these stylized Bombshells ladies.  Approximately 7 inches tall, they stand on themed bomb display bases and feature distinctive costumes, exaggerated proportions, and big, pretty faces.  They’re also surprisingly heavy and sturdy but balance well on their bases.  While Mera in the prime DC Comics universe grew up in the undersea realm of Xebel and became Aquaman Arthur Curry’s wife, in the Bombshells world she was an Atlantean who joined Wonder Woman’s mission of peace.


A powerful warrior and future queen of Atlantis, Mera in vinyl statue form presents a more light-hearted aspect as she stands at attention and salutes you.  Mera wears a naval-themed outfit consisting of pants and top decorated with scaled sections, platform shoes with tiny seashell decorations, bracelets, and a sailor’s cap emblazoned with a big “M.”  The statue’s slight lean forward combined with her straight legs accentuates her physique, as does her small top tied around her chest.  Mera is by far the most tanned of the Bombshells with a much darker skin tone than Canary and Harley.  The Atlantean turns her head to the right as she salutes with huge blue eyes and a saucy smile, while her left hand holds a golden trident with her pinky finger adorably extended.


Let’s check out the differences between the original version and this Classic Mera variant that channels the original color scheme of Aquaman.  While the first Mera wore white pants with green sides this one reverses those, giving the legs a darker look while making the contrast against the yellow belt and buttons even more striking.  She retains the same matching green shows with yellow seashells and yellow bracelets, but her short top is now vintage Aquaman orange! 


Mera’s scarf is the same white, and her cute hat also carries over in white with yellow “M.”  Probably the biggest change is her hair; instead of Mera’s iconic red hair this one rocks blonde locks to match Aquaman!  Lastly, Cryptozoic kept the same bomb display base but switched it from matte green to an icy translucent blue.


While the 7 inch Bombshells get most of the press Cryptozoic has these characters in other fun formats as well.  The 2.75 inch DC Lil Bombshells compress the same style into a smaller package and, speaking of, come in neat little metal cannisters that keep their blind box identity secret until you open them.  Series 2 consists of ten Bombshells: Batgirl, Bumblebee, Cheetah, Harley Quinn, Huntress, Killer Frost, Lois Lane, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna.  Two of those can be found in chase “noir” black and white versions too! 


We opened a pack and got Bombshells Wonder Woman, and she’s awesome.  Standing tough at almost 3 inches tall the Amazon wears a cute and functional red and blue outfit that packs a ton of detail and decoration into a very small scale.  There are white stars on her shorts and boots, plus a bronze belt from which hangs her golden Lasso of Truth.  Wonder Woman stands ready for battle with a matching bronze shield strapped to her left arm, one exposed bracelet, and her right hand balled into a fist.  Meanwhile, her compassionate nature shines through her calm expression and kind smile with bright red lips and huge dark eyes.  Her long black hair is held in place by a golden tiara/scarf and reveals her matching red earrings.  The Lil Bombshells are super fun, adorable and detailed figures in a great small scale.


If you’re a fan of Mera and Aquaman (and to be honest who isn’t after last year’s blockbuster film?), I highly suggest checking out Cryptozoic’s Classic Mera vinyl statue.  They’ve taken an already beautiful figure and made it more unique with a cool mashup look that’ll fit great in your DC Comics display.  And if you already have the original version Mera this one is different enough that they go very well together without looking the same!  It’s really amazing how much of a different feel you get just from the color swapped pants and different base, blouse, and hair.  Best of all, when you get your Classic Mera on the Cryptozoic website with our coupon code “CMera-FC” at checkout you’ll get a FREE DC Lil Bombshells: Series 2 figure.  I can’t guarantee you’ll pull a Wonder Woman like I did, but they’re all adorable additions to your collection.  The coupon will only last until the end of May, so be sure to get her before she’s gone!

Review and photos by Scott Rubin

Review sample courtesy of Cryptozoic Entertainment

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