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Nintendo’s SPLATOON Receives Figma Action Figures

Splatoon and Splatoon 2, the popular Nintendo video game series, is receiving Figma action figures! The first release will be Inkling Girl as a solo release (orange hair) and as a deluxe set packed with another Inkling Girl (blue hair).


The solo figure will come with a host of Figma extras, including multiple expressions (smirking and smiling),  optional parts including a Splattershot with ink effect attachment and Studio Headphones,  and an articulated Figma stand.


The deluxe set includes everything listed above for each figure, PLUS tons of extra bonus parts: Splat Dualies, Splat Roller and Burst Bomb weapons, and gear such as the King Flip Mesh and Knitted Hat. Best yet, each girl comes with a squid figure matching their corresponding color pair in the games, ink splat effect parts, an ink splat special stand as well as an ink effect sheet!

The Figma Splatoon figures are currently available for pre-order at many fine retailers, including where you can get the solo release priced at $62.99 and the deluxe set at $132.99. expect them to release in June 2019.

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