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New Figures announced at McFarlane Con!

McFarlane Toys Announces New Figures at McFarlane Con

Last month McFarlane Toys wrapped up the very first McFarlane Con and saw a variety of new figures announced. So, let’s get into some of the announcements!

The DOOMicorn

The Doom Slayer is always ready to rip and tear through the demons of Mars, but he does so now in style with the Doomicorn armor. This colorful armor resembles that of a pink and white unicorn, except this unicorn is the terror to the denizens of Mars and Hell. Take the Slayer home this fall.

New My Hero Academia Wave

Soon we’ll be going back to U.A. High School with one of U.A.’s top students Katsuki Bakugo in his school festival outfit ready to participate in the various events from races to fights. Always lurking in the shadows and ready to strike at our student heroes are the many villains of the world and none are more deadly than Stain. Both of these figures will be ready to battle it out this fall, with pre-orders coming out soon.

The Witcher

Toss a coin to McFarlane Toys! We’ll be hitting the trail and looking for monster contracts as we welcome the world of The Witcher! Out just in time for the holidays, we are sure this new addition to the family is welcomed by all.