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@Mattel ‘s #SDCC 2019 @DCComics ™ The Strange Lives of #Batman ™ Action Figure Multipack Interview #SDCC19 #DCMultiverse

In this new video we sit down with Mattel designer Bill Beneke to discus the MASSIVE San Diego Comic Con exclusive DC Comics™ The Strange Lives of Batman™ Action Figure Multipack. Get the behind the scenes story on development of the fantastic set that serves as a love-letter not just to Batman’s rich history, but also to all of the fans of Mattel’s DC 6″ action figures.  The pictures sent out for this didn’t do it justice.  This is a HUGE box and it’s filled with so much Silver Age Bat-goodness.

Celebrate DC’s silver age with four captivating Batman™ action figures from a beloved era in comics’ history! Each version of the legendary Super Hero is highly detailed, with premium costume, cloth cape and an enhanced 23 points of articulation. Silver Age Batman™ dons his iconic blue and grey Batsuit with prominent utility belt. Negative Batman™ wears his black costume from #284, when he was struck by a crime scientist’s ray and rendered light averse. Zebra-Batman™ confronted a magnetically charged Super-Villain in #275 who scrambled his powers and blanked his Batsuit into black and white waves. The Rainbow Batman™ from #241 vies to save Robin™ by changing into bright colors and successfully distracts murderous thieves. This compelling action figure set also includes four interchangeable heads to recreate even more Silver Age heroes including: Rip Van Batman™ from #119, Alien Batman™ #251, the Robot Twin of Batman™ from #239 and Bruce Wayne™. With the wide variety of commemorative figures, fans can create a dynamic displays and unique vintage collection! The retro comics’ graphics packaging also makes the 80th Anniversary: Silver Age of Batman™ set an extraordinary gift.

This set will be available for sale this week at the Mattel booth at San Diego Comic Con 2019.

Thank you to Mattel for sending us this epic set for review.