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Marvel Select Psylocke Figure Revealed & Up for Order! DST X-Men

Today is a good day for X-Men collectors, because not only has Hasbro released the official photos of the upcoming X-Men Legends Caliban Series today, but the MAFEX Wolverine has gone up for order—and now the latest Marvel Select Figure has been revealed! Following up the recent Beast and Rogue figures, the newest addition to the X-Family is the Marvel Select Psylocke figure that’s now up for order!

Marvel Select Psylocke Figure Revealed X-Men 2019After a long collectibles famine, it’s finally been feast time for Betsy Braddock over the course of the past year! Not only did we get the first new mass-release Marvel Legends Psylocke figure in over a decade, but we also got an amazing Revoltech Psylocke and the knockout Sideshow Premium Format Figure 1:4 Statue. And now, Psylocke is getting her latest moment in the sun from Diamond Select Toys!

Now, this isn’t the first time that DST has tackled Betsy Braddock. She’s had several Minimates figures released, and even one of the earliest Marvel Premier Collection statues (which was also one of my early favorites!). But this will be the first 7” Psylocke Select figure, and I am stoked to finally add her to the lineup!

Close-Up of Marvel Select Psylocke FigureWhile I thought the Hasbro version last summer was decent, the face and hair on this action figure is dead-on–this is the Jim Lee Psylocke portrait that I’ve really been waiting for. Love that dark purple and black mixture of colors in the hair. Frankly, I’m not sure that Sideshow Collectibles’ $500 new Premium Format statue even captured Betsy as well as DST has here (sculpted by Gentle Giant)!

The solicitation information available doesn’t give any specific details regarding the exact height, accessories or points of articulation for this figure, but I would expect she’ll have the usual 16 points of quasi super-articulation built in. Hopefully she’ll be a bit shorter than 7” so that she’ll more easily fit in with a Marvel Legends display for those who want to go that route.

Accessories-wise, we can see for certain that Psylocke will come with a katana, a sheath, and another piece of the ever-popular Danger Room diorama base series. The apparent lack of a psyblade in the photo startles me, as that weapon is synonymous with the character. Hopefully it’s being added and just wasn’t shown in the one official photo available so far.

Psylocke Marvel Select Figure 7 Inch DSTThe Marvel Select Psylocke figure is now up for order, with an approximate shipping date in June 2019. Diamond Select Toys is generally pretty good about getting the comic-based figures out on-time, so hopefully we’ll all be looking at a brand-spanking-new Psylocke Marvel Select figure on our shelves this summer.

Now that the psychic is out of the bag, are you psyched (no pun intended) for the newest addition to the X-Men Select sub-series of action figures? Is Psylocke a “buy” for you, and which X-Man do you hope is next on DST’s list?

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