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Marvel Animated Captain Marvel & Premier Collection Statues!

When Diamond Select Toys announced their acquisition of Gentle Giant Ltd. a few months back, it left the fates of a number of popular Gentle Giant lines open-ended. I feared for the future of my favorite ongoing series of Skottie Young-inspired mini-statues, but us Marvel Babies fans can all breathe a sigh of relief: the line is continuing, and a Marvel Animated Captain Marvel Statue with huge price reduction and edition size cut is now up for order! And that’s not all for Carol fans—there’s a Premier Collection Captain Marvel resin statue as well!

Diamond Select Marvel Animated Captain Marvel Premier Collection StatueWhen I heard that Gentle Giant Ltd. had been bought out in February, my literal first thought was “I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the Marvel Animated statues line”. With over 20 releases in the series, the long-running resin mini-statue line has become something that I look forward to every single release from, so I was definitely concerned about its potential demise.

There hasn’t been any new solicitations or fresh news on the Marvel Babies series since Toy Fair, so I was started to dread hearing the worst.

But rejoice, Skottie Young fans! Not only is the line safe for at least one more release—but Diamond Select has almost massively sliced both the MSRP and the edition size for the newest entry: Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel!

Skottie Young Captain Marvel Statue Marvel Babies Animated Gentle Giant DSTWe’ve only had a handful of females in the Marvel Animated series, and what with her solo movie hitting theaters last month, the timing was definitely right for a Skottie Young Captain Marvel Animated Statue. Is it any good?

Uh, yeah! In fact, I wouldn’t just say it’s “good”—I would say that it’s “great”! I’ve never been the biggest Carol Danvers fan, but this animated statue of her is dripping with attitude. I love the stylized hair and the mischievous eyes, and that diabolical smile on her face is just too sweet. This is my favorite piece of merch ever for the character.

And hey—it’s also cheap!! While Gentle Giant long priced this line at the relatively high price-point of $65 for most pieces, DST has set Carol’s price at nearly half that—just 35 bucks! What’s more, she’s limited to just 1200 pieces instead of the 3000 that most of the line was produced at. At that price and LE, this is one Marvel Animated Statue likely to go fast!

Marvel Premier Collection Captain Marvel Movie StatueI am less enamored with the other new Carol Danvers item that Diamond Select Toys put up for sale today: their 11” 1:6 scale Marvel Premier Collection Captain Marvel movie Statue. Priced at $150 for a LE 3000 Resin Statue, I think the value is there for this piece… but I’m just not sold on the statue itself.

The solicitation information claims that Carol is running, but the design of this statue doesn’t really give off enough of a sense of motion to sell me on that. The Brie Larson likeness is “okay”, but even with the value pricing, I don’t think this particular Diamond Select Premier Collection Statue is for me.

Diamond Select Marvel Animated Captain Marvel Premier Collection StatueThe Marvel Premier Collection and Animated Captain Marvel statues are both now up for order, and are scheduled to be released in September 2019. With the drastically reduced price and ES on the Skottie Young statue, I can definitely foresee that one selling out long before it ships. The movie statue… not so much, although it’s possible it surprises given how popular the movie has proven.

Are you excited to see the Marvel Animated statues series live on, with a lower price-point and smaller edition size? Who’s scooping up that Skottie Young Carol Danvers mini-statue, and is there anyone out there who’s more impressed with the Captain Marvel Premier Collection Statue than I am?

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