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London Toy Fair 2019 Funko Reveals

Ahead of the U.S. New York Toy Fair next month, Funko reveals numerous new vinyl figures at the London Toy Fair currently underway. In addition to various new Pop! figures and licenses, Funko continues to push other new categories, including their muscle-bound Primal Age retro figure line, 5 Star (think Pop! figures with accessories), Vynl. 2-packs, and SuperCute Plush.


Revealed so far (as of 1-21-19):

  • Pop! Heroes: Batman 80th
  • Pop! Rides: Batman 80th – 1950 Batmobile
  • Pop! Comic Moment: Batman 80th – Batman (1972)
  • Pop! Movie Moment: Batman 80th – Batman and The Joker (1989)
  • DC Primal Age
  • 5 Star: Disney·Pixar – The Incredibles
  • 5 Star: Disney – The Little Mermaid
  • Mini Vinyl Figures: The Little Mermaid


  • Pop! Disney: The Little Mermaid
  • SuperCute Plush: Disney Hercules
  • SuperCute Plush: Dumbo
  • Vynl.: Disney·Pixar Toy Story – Woody & Buzz Lightyear
  • Pop! Games: Gears of War
  • Pop! Games: Persona 5
  • Pop! Games: Warhammer 40K
  • Pop! Keychain: Overwatch
  • Pop! Games: Overwatch


  • Pop! Rides: Lord of the Rings – Witch King with Fellbeast
  • 5 Star: Harry Potter 
  • Vynl.: Harry Potter
  • SuperCute Plush: Harry Potter
  • 5 Star: Game of Thrones
  • Pop! Deluxe: Game of Thrones
  • Pop! Keychains: Game of Thrones
  • Pop! Rides: Game of Thrones – White Walker on Horse
  • Pop! Pens: Game of Thrones
  • Rock Candy: Game of Thrones – Cersei Lannister
  • Pop! TV: Bewitched
  • Pop! Sanrio: Aggretsuko

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