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Kotobukiya Mega Man X Model Kit

Kotobukiya presents a highly detailed model kit of Mega Man X! The kit includes a generous number of customizable parts, from X’s signature X-Buster, to a variety of hand parts and three different face parts. On top of that, the kit also includes a variety of effect parts, allowing users to recreate the dash, charge, and charge buster from the games. 

Kotobukiya’s Mega Man X Mega Man X Model Kit will b available this September priced at $59.99.


The Mega Man X Mega Man X Model Kit features:

  • Three interchangeable face parts
  • X-Buster can be equipped to the model’s leftor right arm
  • Three types of interchangeable hand parts.
  • The model’s back is equipped with a 3mm connection, making it compatible with separately sold bases from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G. series, such as the New Flying Base and New Flying Base Plus.
  • The charge shot effect parts can be switched out for a dash effect or impact effect, giving users a variety of customizable display options.
  • The dash effect part is equipped with a 5mm joint making it compatible with the arms of the separately sold M.S.G.
  • New Flying Base or New Flying Base Plus, which can be used as a display stand for the parts.
  • The kit is made of multi-colored plastic and contains pre-painted parts, making it easy for users of all levels to build a model that closely resembles the character’s appearance in the game.
  • The packaging includes a specially drawn illustration by Mega Man X Series character designer Keisuke Mizuno.

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