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Justice League Unlimited – Questioning Flashy Robots

Box4HeroClixWay back when I ran the Top 5 Most Wanted characters added to Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited line, one character kept coming back to the top of the list.  The Question.  We finally got him.  Now, here in our 4th booster of WizKids HeroClix set of Justice League Unlimited, we get their version of the Question.  Booster 4 gives us Star Labs Scientist (common), Wonder Woman (common), Dr Tracy Simmons (uncommon), the Question (uncommon), and the Flash (rare), but this is the robot that Lex-Brianiac created at the end of the Cadmus story arc.

I want to start this batch with another excellent reuse of a sculpt to give us 2 characters.  Here we have Dr Tracy Simmons and with a quick repaint we have a generic lab scientist.   The change in hair color and skin tone makes them distinctive enough to tell apart on the field when playing.

Dr tracy Simmons Star Labs

Our other common is Wonder Woman.  One thing I really like about this set is that a lot of the big names from the show are in the commons section.  This makes them easy to get.  It also makes you likely to get duplicates of the big names which I find are easier to give away to new and potential new players than lesser known characters.

Now we get to the Question.  Like many, I fell in love with this character because of this show.  The Question just had so many great lines.  This piece captures part of that with named powers being “The plastic tips at the end of shoelaces are called aglets … their true purpose is sinister” and “I’m a well known crackpot”.

And the Flash.  But as this card says, “Created by Brainiac”.  Some folks saw this sculpt and asked why there was a Justice Lords Flash when Flash had died in that timeline / alternate Earth.  Its not.  This is the robot.  It is a very smart reuse of the Flash sculpt.  At the same time, for game synergy, the designers gave this piece the Justice Lords keyword so you could play it with the other Justice Lords (did I just give some information  away?)  Be sure to come back for booster 5.