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Incredibles Collection Arrives at Build-A-Bear

Beginning today, a new bear inspired by Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2—plus related outfits and accessories, including a sound chip with the movie’s theme song—is available in U.S. and Canada Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and at



Product Info:

Disney•Pixar Incredibles Bear, $28, plus tax

CeleBEARate the Disney•Pixar “Incredibles 2” super-sequel by making your own Incredibles Bear! This action-packed furry friend has bright red fur with the Incredibles logo on its chest and paw pad. You can also add an Incredibles costume, sleeper or hoodie to your furry friend for more fun. Put your powers to the test and face any nemesis that comes your way with your own Incredibles Bear!


Disney•Pixar Incredibles Sleeper, $12.50, plus tax


Disney•Pixar Incredibles  Costume, $16, plus tax


Disney•Pixar Incredibles Jack-Jack Hoodie, $10.50, plus tax


Disney•Pixar ‘Glory Days’ Song Sound Chip, $7, plus tax