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Gecco GANTZ:O Reika Statue, New Factory Sample Images

Gecco shares the first factory sample images of their upcoming 1/6th scale statue of Reika (first shown HERE). Made of PVC plastic (an excellent material to recreate realistic human skin texture), the statue depicts Reika as she appears in the 3DCG film GANTZ:O (check it out on Netflix!). The Reika statue includes three weapons that you can display her with, including an X-Gun (pistol) and Gantz Sword (both pictured above), as well as the advanced Z-Gun (pictured below). Each weapon is accurately recreated from steal molds to retain crisp details.

The Reika statue is priced at $299.99 and is slated for release May~June 2019. Pre-orders are still open through

Scroll on to check out the new images. Gecco states that this is the very first  factory sample, and that there is still lots of room for improvement. However, I’d say they have pretty much nailed it- looks great!


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