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Funko Star Wars Valentines

Are you missing Toy Fair? Did you also miss Valentine’s Day? Is your favorite person a Star Wars Fan? Then Funko has you covered. Valentine’s Day themed Star Wars Funko Pops! I know this is not new news for some, but I can now confirm I have seen these in the wild. Pictures taken on a recent trip to Newberry Comics.

Press photo of Stormtrooper, Chewbacca and Darth Vader.

Press photo of R2D2.

Darth Vader at my local store. Join the Heart Side.

Chewbacca at local store.  I Chews You.

Yoda at my local store.

If these are too much Valentine for you, there are a number of other recent releases that might entice you.

“You had me at …” “I know.”