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Funko Pop – the DC Multiverse goes to the Movies

It did not take long for my DC Multiverse of Funko Pops to expand. Apparently, having the Justice League movie version of the Flash made me take another look at the recent DC Movies. I was shopping at Newberry Comics and as part of a BOGO 1/2 off sale, one of the pieces I chose was Wonder Woman from her own movie. I really liked this version with the sword and the shield.

San Diego Comic Con was on line this year. I attended a number of the on line panels. It felt OK. But something was missing. The buying. I’m not talking about impossible to get exclusives like the Funko Pop Black Lightning (limited to 3000 ? what were they thinking ?). I’m talking about the stuff that as you wander around the dealer floor catches your eye. So as a final act of the convention, I went shopping at the local Barnes and Noble. Digging through the mounds of Pops, I found Mera from the Aquaman Movie. I had considered the version from Justice League, but felt the crown on that one was too big. This one just looked better to me.

Part of the reason I bought Wonder Woman and Mera and was considering others from these movies is they have not appeared on the CW. Now I had a trio of modern Justice League characters in Funko Pop form. I liked the prior shot I took of the 3 Team Flash pieces I took, so I redid that here.

One of the realities of working from home these days is that eBay is only a click away. And buying something is only a few clicks away. A few of those clicks and Cyborg was in my cart. A few more and he was paid for. And a few days later he arrived.

Here is the state of the movie side of my Funko Pop DC Multiverse. More to come.  How could there not be?