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FIRST LOOK: WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Faction Pack – Federation

-Scott Rubin

Welcome back to Week 2 of our exclusive Star Trek Attack Wing summer 2019 releases!  Last week we checked out cards from the upcoming Animated Series faction pack, and this week we’re going to be checking out the technological menace that is the Borg.  Coming late summer is the Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Faction Pack, and we’re digging into that today by taking a look at some double-faction cards featuring the Federation!  Voyager fans will remember that ship’s multiple encounters with the Borg, including several in which the crew and ship itself were partially or wholly assimilated, and those are the inspiration for these game elements.

FederationBorg Starship

First up let’s take a look at the generic Federation/Borg Starship, an assimilated Intrepid class vessel (like Voyager).  It costs 29 points with a powerful 5 Primary Attack value, 2 Agility, 4 Hull, and 5 Shields.  Its Action Bar features Evade, Target Lock, Scan, and Regenerate; it can equip one each of Crew, Tech, Borg, and Weapon upgrades.  There’s a lot going on here, so let’s compare to the standard Intrepid ship we’ve seen a couple times before in Attack Wing; that one is one point cheaper with 4/2/4/4 stats, Battle Stations instead of Regenerate, and a second Weapon instead of the Borg upgrade.  Those tradeoffs and bonuses for only one more point are pretty substantial for the Federation/Borg ship, and don’t forget that it has a massive array of potential captains and upgrades thanks to its dual faction symbols!

Kathryn Janeway

What happens when a good captain goes bad?  A Borg-assimilated Kathryn Janeway is a terrifying opponent, but someone you may want to field if you’re looking to take over your opponent’s biological and technological distinctiveness.  Janeway is 5 points with both Borg and Federation faction symbols, and her ship can equip an Elite Talent upgrade.  She has the standard Borg asterisk instead of a Captain skill, meaning you count her current Drone toke complement instead.  Janeway starts the game with a whopping 8 tokens, and she can spend one Drone token to copy an Evade, Scan, or Battle Stations action for free when an enemy performs it at Range 1-2; the target opponent also takes an Auxiliary Power token!


Assimilated along with her ship was some of Janeway’s crew including her trusted second-in-command, the Vulcan Tuvok.  His dual faction Crew upgrade card costs 5 points, and he gives you a cool option when Defending.  During the Modify Attack Dice step spend a Drone token from Tuvok’s captain to prevent the attacker from re-rolling any attack dice, and you can turn one damage or critical damage result from a Federation Weapon upgrade into a blank result!


Bio-Molecular Torpedo

While the Borg are typically the scourge of the universe, sometimes there arises an even worse threat, and that’s exactly what happened in the Delta Quadrant when Voyager first encountered Species 8472.  Janeway actually joined forces and technology with the Borg, producing the lethal Bio-Molecular Torpedo.  In Star Trek Attack Wing this warhead takes the form of a Federation/Borg Weapon upgrade that can only be equipped on Borg ships and can be fired from forward and rear arcs.  It is effective at Range 1-2, and both its cost and Attack value are equal to the Primary Attack value on the ship that mounts it… which is absolutely frightening on the more powerful Borg ships with their huge attacks!  A ship must spend 2 Drone tokens to fire the torpedo, and it has secondary benefits as well.  If it hits, you can also apply two Time tokens to the Captain and Crew upgrades on the defender; if it’s a Species 8472 ship EVERY card on the ship gets two Time tokens!

There’s your first look at some of the powerful and versatile Federation/Borg cards landing in the upcoming Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Faction Pack, releasing later this summer.  Want more?  Stay tuned for more previews this week!

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-Scott Rubin

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