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Exclusive Marvel Legends Big-Time Spider-Man Up for Order!

Hasbro has had far more hits than misses since the Return of Marvel Legends began in 2012, but occasionally there’s been a hiccup along the way. One of those snafus came in the Arnim Zola series, when the black Stealth Suit Spider-Man figure arrived and was, well… green. Fans have always been discontent about that release, and after 7 years, a “make-good” is on the way: an exclusive Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man figure is now up for order!

Marvel Legends Big-Time Spider-Man Exclusive FigureI thought Hasbro had put together a rather expansive range of action figures for the Marvel Legends 80 Years series that they debuted at New York Toy Fair 2019, but it turns out they still had some tricks up their sleeve that they were waiting to reveal this spring.

Last week they premiered the exclusive “Cowboy Wolverine” figure that’s drawn an extremely mixed reactions from collectors, and this week we’ve got another revisited staple character in the form of Big-Time Spider-Man.

In 2012, Hasbro put out a 6” Stealth Suit Spider-Man figure that shocked everybody by being a bold green and neon green color combination instead of being the Tron-looking black and neon green fans expected. Looking for like Hydra Spider-Man than anything else, this representation of the Stealth Suit has always bugged a great many collectors.

And so, while there’s been a lukewarm early response to this figure from many who question the need for “yet another Spidey”, I’m pretty cool with it. I always wanted a proper 6” action figure of this costume, and I’m pleased it’s being put out as a single in a non-Build-A-Figure Wave. It’s also an exclusive release, so it won’t haunt major store shelves if it sells poorly. Wins all around!

80 Years of Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man Figure ExclusiveHasbro has only released one hi-res promotional image of the figure, so we have no clue what (if any) accessories will come packed with this Spidey. We know he has one fist and one web-shooting hands, but hopefully we’ll get at least one pair of interchangeable hands so that we can mix things up. Presumably he’ll have the same style packaging as the rest of the 80 Years of Marvel series, but we’ll have to wait to see precisely what he looks like packaged.

The Marvel Legends Exclusive Big Time Spider-Man figure is now up for order, and is expected to ship out in Fall 2019. You can reserve him from EE, BBTS, Hasbro Pulse and GameStop now. As this is a shared retailer exclusive of a rather niche costume, I think there should be plenty of this Spidey to go around.

What do you think of Hasbro’s new-and-improved ML Big Time Spider-Man figure, Marvel collectors? Who had the original and is planning to upgrade? And does anyone actually prefer the crazy Hydra-looking green Spidey that came out way back in RoML Wave 2?

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