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@Airmax Recruits Starscream into G.I.Joe

There’s not many of the original “old guard” of action figure customizers that are still in the game and producing new work, so it’s exciting news any time one pops up.   Our old friend Pierre aka Airmax has resurfaced and brought us another masterpiece.

For the past several years Airmax has been bringing us some killer hybrid figures based on the premise of what if the Transformers had been incorporated into Hasbro’s vintage 3.75″ G.I. Joe action figures line.  Starscream is the 8th release in the TF/GI Joe crossover series and is a limited edition of ten.

Airmax’s G1 Joe Starscream  includes a custom card with file card on the back.


– $120 shipped to anywhere in the US. Every order will be shipped by Tuesday next week at the latest


Check out Airmax’s official Facebook page for more information.

Big, HUGE thanks to my main man Mike over at 800lbs Productions for the Starscream illustration. Please do yourself a favor and check out his website and Instagram – subscribe, follow, like, all that good stuff:

And as always a huge thank you to Raginspoon for providing the fantastic casts that make these customs possible. Check his site out – check out all the amazing custom parts he’s making: