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5 Days Left to #BackTheBarge – @Hasbro Answers Some Burning Questions

Last month at Toy Fair, Hasbro launched a new campaign called HASLAB that hopes to put dream products into the hands of fans, starting with the biggest Star Wars vehicle Hasbro and Kenner have ever produced – Jabba’s Sail Barge.

We are just 5 days away from reaching the goal, and you’re our only hope to make Jabba’s Sail Barge a reality!   Only 797 people (as of this posting) are needed to make this massive ship a reality!


To help you with this decision, Hasbro has provided some new assets to answer some of your timeless questions… such as “How man Klatuus can I fit on the barge?


Or “How big will this thing be compared to my vintage Millennium Falcon?”


Help spread the word to #BackTheBarge and pre-order you own here: