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Zica Toys Updates Fans and Supporters

This weekend the team at Zica Toys gave a very positive update to the backers of the last 2 action figure Kickstarter campaigns:

Tomorrow, February 17th, I’ll start the fulfillment process and begin packing boxes. Orders will start shipping out the next day, February 18th. If it’s possible I’ll try to combine orders for backers who supported both the Adventure People and Sectaurs Kickstarters. It all depends on how the backer fulfillment data is handled in Backerkit.
As you can see in the images below, the Adventure People line has been changed to Comic Adventure Heroes. The decision to change the name was made several months ago but I couldn’t disclose the information until I actually had product ready to ship. I won’t go into the specifics as to why the change was made but I think it fits the line much better.

One important note I want to make everyone aware of is an issue concerning the small magnets in the feet. I stressed to the factory more than once about applying enough glue to securely hold the magnets in place, which apparently didn’t happen. Just about all of the figure I used for the images had at least one magnet come loose. Luckily they stuck to the metal washers that I was using for display stands but I can see how they could easily get lost. Applying a small amount of super glue should fix the issue as it worked well for me on some early factory samples.

Lastly and most importantly, I want to thank everyone for your unbelievable patience with all of the setbacks that plagued this project. I only ask that you have a little more as I get through the fulfillment process. ZICA Toys is a one man show for now but I’ll try my best to get the orders shipped out as quickly as possible.