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X-Men Marvel Legends AOA Colossus Series Figures Hi-Res & Packaged Photos!

When Hasbro revealed the hotly-anticipated X-Men Age of Apocalypse Marvel Legends Colossus Series last month, fans had to settle for checking out pretty renders of the figures, as the final finished figures weren’t ready to show off just yet. That was fine for many fans who were going to pre-order no matter what–but for those who were waiting to see final hi-res and packaged photos of the figures, the time has now come! Today, Hasbro officially unveiled the final images of the 2021 Marvel Legends X-Men AOA Wave 2 figures!

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Marvel Legends X-Men Age of Apocalypse Wave 2 Colossus Series Figures

For those viewing at home who need a refresher, the case ratios breakdown for this second X-Men Legends series of 2021 is as follows:

(2) Magneto
(1) Rogue
(1) Iceman
(1) Sabretooth
(1) Cyclops
(1) Shadowcat
(1) Legion
Build-A-Figure: Colossus

Colossus BAF pieces are packed with every character except Magneto, so unless you feel like you don’t need an official ML Magneto in your X-Men collection for some reason, you’re gonna have to purchase the whole wave.

Age of Apocalypse X-Men Marvel Legends Magneto Packaged in Box

As he should be, Age of Apocalypse Magneto is the double-packed figure in this wave. That makes sense since he’s the leader of the AOA X-Men and one of the most well-known mutants on the planet—and since he’s got two interchangeable heads, fans buying cases may not even mind too much that they’re getting an extra. 

AOA Magneto Marvel Legends Figure Hi-Res

I’m not sure that Erik’s unmasked head came out quite as well as I had been hoping, but I think it’s “okay” enough to get a pass from me. It may look better from different angles in person—I’ll have to see when I write my review in a few months. I’m very pleased with the dark red and metallic purple paint used for this costume, though, and think the new figure will look excellent overall (just maybe a bit more excellent with the helmeted head on). 

Age of Apocalypse Rogue Figure Hasbro Marvel LegendsI had some slight trepidations based off the render, but the portrait on Rogue looks like it popped right out of the 90s Astonishing X-Men comic book, and I loved it on-sight as soon as I saw the final prototype today.

Marvel Legends AOA Rogue Figure Physical Hi-Res

Rogue gets fists and open hands for accessories, as well as a Colossus arm and interchangeable fist. Her unique boots with the little red ovals on them look very nice in toy form, and the only things I’m worried about on this figure are the add-on collar and leg-band potentially being too loose. Regardless, this is an exponential improvement over the Toybiz Rogue AOA 5” figure from 20-something years ago.

Marvel Legends AOA Iceman Figure Packaged Figure Final

One of the two figures that I was most worried about when Hasbro debuted the 3D renders last month was the new AOA Iceman figure. It was really hard to make out exactly what the details were on the figure with the translucent plastic being rendered instead of physical. I am thrilled to say that I am VERY psyched about how the final Iceman figure looks, however!

Marvel Legends 2021 Iceman Age of Apocalypse Figure

This looks like a wonderful super-articulated update of the Toybiz Age of Apocalypse Iceman figure that I had as a kid (in a couple color versions, actually). The claw hands make for awesome accessories, and the facial sculpt is exactly what I wanted. And don’t miss that white icy frost deco on the spikes of his head! Love it!

X-Men AOA Marvel Legends Sabretooth Figure Packaging

Hasbro went all the way to make this AOA Sabretooth figure look outstanding and it shows. The bulky body and painted-on arm hair are ideal for this character design, and the Exiles-styled “friendly” head will make him look right at home with the previous Hasbro Blink and Morph figure.

X-Men Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth Figure

The interchangeable “angry” head for Sabretooth looks killer. The whited-out eyes and ferocious expression are exactly what I had been visualizing to pair with last year’s ML Wild Child figure, and I am not disappointed at all. Looking forward to reuniting Creed with Wild Child when I write my review!

X-Men Age of Apocalypse Legends Wave 2 Cyclops Figure Box Packaging

The other figure I had been worried about after seeing the early photos last month was Hasbro’s AOA Cyclops, and, well… him I still don’t feel all that great about. The rugged stubble that would be so out-of-place for a non-AOA Cyclops is completely absent, as I feared it would be, and Cyke gets bupkis for accessories besides a Colossus BAF leg.

Cyclops Marvel Legends 2021 X-Men Age of Apocalypse Colossus Series Figure

I feared alternate universe quasi-evil Scott Summers would end up being my least favorite Hasbro AOA figure, and that certainly seems to be becoming a reality here. This figure feels very basic with not a whole lot to set it apart. 

X-Men Age of Apocalypse Shadowcat Figure Packaged

I swear Age of Apocalypse Kitty Pryde (I only call Red King Kitty “Kate”) only made it into this series since she’s married to the Build-A-Figure, Colossus. AOA Shadowcat is basically a hardened b*tch with few redeeming characteristics in the Age of Apocalyse, so I’m not altogether psyched about getting her when we still don’t have a Hasbro Gambit or Storm from this story.

Age of Apocalypse Kitty Pryde Shadowcat Marvel Legends X-Men Figure

The Marvel Legends Shadowcat AOA figure is actually quite nice, with removable claws and interchangeable fists. The metallic blue of her costume looks great, and the aggro scowl is dead-on for this version of Kitty. Awesome action figure rendition of one of my most hated X-Men from this story arc.

Marvel Legends Legion In Box Packaged Age of Apocalypse X-Men Wave 2

Legion is not only the catalyst and lynchpin of the whole Age of Apocalypse arc, but also a character with decades of history, zero previous official action figures to his name—and oh yeah, he happens to be Professor X’s son. This figure is super long-overdue, and I’m personally hyped Hasbro picked his most significant “costume” (if you can call hospital scrubs that) for David Haller’s debut action figure.

X-Men Legends 2021 Legion 6 Inch Figure

I think it’s a bit bizarre that Legion’s sole personal accessories are a pair of fists—since he’s an omega-level psychic that’s not exactly going to engage in fisticuffs—but I’m so ecstatic to get a toy of this character I can’t complain too much (well, maybe not until I get to my review). Fans of the Si Spurrier’s current (and top-notch) Way of X comic book series are gonna love this.

Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse Colossus Hi-Res Photo

And finally, we’ve got the Age of Apocalypse Colossus figure, which is looking pissed off and ready to abandon some children to death and casually trample over and kill some teammates, all in the name of love for his little sister. What a guy! This is looking ace, and is a character design never done in toy form before, that we likely would have never got if not as a Build-A-Figure. Nice work, Hasbro.

AOA X-Men Legends Wave 2 is currently available for pre-order, and is scheduled to ship out in September 2021. Now that you’ve seen hi-res shots of these final physical prototype figures both in and out of the package, what do you think, Marvel Legends collectors? Has Hasbro knocked this wave out of the ballpark, or are you disappointed in what you see here?

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