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WizKids Games Marvel HeroClix Deadpool Weapon X Booster Brick Review

HeroClix sets range widely in theme and composition, with recent releases including the Wheels of Vengeance expansion focusing on Ghost Riders with glow in the dark effects and the Marvel Studios Next Phase set bringing to life characters from Disney+ TV shows (see our review HERE). Now, WizKids Games is bringing two of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters to the forefront in a brand-new release with Marvel HeroClix Deadpool Weapon X! And surely it’s just pure coincidence that Deadpool and Wolverine are starring in an upcoming mega-blockbuster… but this set is based off their comic book appearances and not the MCU. As you could guess by the title, Deadpool Weapon X features numerous versions and incarnations of the titular characters as well as fun sub-themes like Wolverine’s family, New Mutants, X-Men, Domino’s Hotshots, and more. Today we’re going to check out a full brick of Deadpool Weapon X boosters, so take this little journey with us into claws, guns, and lots of healing factors.

If you’re new to HeroClix you may be wondering, what’s a brick and what are boosters? There are no stupid questions, and I’ve got you covered! A HeroClix brick provides you with ten boosters, each containing five game pieces and their respective cards. There’s a standardized rarity system so every pack should contain a number of commons and uncommons along with a rare, super rare, or chase, and some expansions also include other items like equipment. Deadpool Weapon X boosters can’t be missed, with their front panels depicting a very studious Deadpool (with robe and fez) reading a volume from the History of Wolverine in a posh home library setting! The side panels have more standard 3D renders of figures from the set, in this case various versions of Deadpool and Wolverine, and classic X-Force and X-Men. Finally, the back panel of the boosters recreates the epic handshake from Predator with Wade and Logan, and points you to more info about HeroClix online.


Booster 1

  • Common 001 Wolverine
  • Common 009 Rictor
  • Common 011 Jeff the Landshark
  • Uncommon 022 White Fox
  • Rare 036 Sabretooth


Booster 2

  • Common 008 Cannonball
  • Common 013 Multiple Man
  • Uncommon 026 Jubilee
  • Uncommon 032 Kid Omega
  • Super Rare 056 Professor X


Booster 3 – DEADPOOL PACK!!!!

  • Common 002 Deadpool
  • Common 015 Deadpool Robot
  • Rare 034 Sheriff Deadpool
  • Rare 042 Pandapool
  • Rare 046 Mimepool



Booster 4

  • Common 006 Diamondback
  • Common 012 Sunspot
  • Common 016 Timebreaker
  • Uncommon 031 Deadpool
  • Rare 043a Colossus


Booster 5

  • Common 003 Wolverine
  • Common 009 Rictor
  • Uncommon 028 Scout
  • Rare 033 Psylocke
  • Rare 038 Atlas Bear


Booster 6

  • Common 004 Lady Mastermind
  • Common 007 Iceman
  • Uncommon 030 Bob, Agent of Hydra
  • Rare 041 Lady Deathstrike
  • Chase 068 Deadpool and Death


Booster 7

  • Common 005 Black Widow
  • Common 010 Copycat
  • Common 015 Deadpool Robot
  • Uncommon 029 Daken
  • Rare 037a Rogue


Booster 8

  • Common 001 Wolverine
  • Common 010 Copycat
  • Common 014 Hydra Agent
  • Uncommon 017 Wolverine (with die)
  • Rare 040 Beast


Booster 9

  • Common 003 Wolverine
  • Common 014 Hydra Agent
  • Uncommon 024 Boom-Boom
  • Rare 044 Cyclops
  • Super Rare 053a Domino (with die)


Booster 10

  • Common 002 Deadpool (with die)
  • Common 011 Jeff the Landshark
  • Uncommon 027 X-23
  • Rare 039 Shatterstar
  • Super Rare 047a Banshee


Here’s the full breakdown of the figures in this brick (your results will vary of course):

COMMONS (including duplicates)

001 Wolverine

002 Deadpool

003 Wolverine

004 Lady Mastermind

005 Black Widow

006 Diamondback

007 Iceman

008 Cannonball

009 Rictor

010 Copycat

011 Jeff the Landshark

012 Sunspot

013 Multiple Man

014 Hydra Agent

015 Deadpool Robot

016 Timebreaker


017 Wolverine

022 White Fox

024 Boom-Boom

026 Jubilee

027 X-23

028 Scout

029 Daken

030 Bob, Agent of Hydra

031 Deadpool

032 Kid Omega


033 Psylocke

034 Sheriff Deadpool

036 Sabretooth

037a Rogue

038 Atlas Bear

039 Shatterstar

040 Beast

041 Lady Deathstrike

042 Pandapool

043a Colossus

044 Cyclops

046 Mimepool


047a Banshee

053a Domino

056 Professor X


068 Deadpool and Death

Collation in this brick was really… odd. Usually, I’m super happy to pull all (or nearly all) of the commons, most of the uncommons, and a good amount of rares and the highest-level figures. In this brick we got all 16 commons, 10 of the set’s 16 uncommons, a whopping 12 out of 16 rares, three of 15 super rares, and one of the set’s 12 chase figures. It’s definitely odd, but welcome, to pull so many rares, and kind of hilarious that I need to hunt down six more uncommons. It’s also worth noting that we pulled a full Deadpool booster containing common Deadpool and Deadpool Robot, uncommon Robot Deadpool, and rare Pandapool and Mimepool! I can imagine there are Wolverine boosters out there too.

Let’s go through each rarity level and see what our pulls tell us. Starting in the most common figures, appropriately named commons, we see several of the themes represented. There are two Wolverines, 001 being the classic brown and yellow “best there is at what I do” version and 003 a rough and tumble Logan wearing jeans and a cowboy hat. Deadpool appears in the 002 spot with a melee focus and regeneration, and he’s joined at this level by a Deadpool Robot and the adorable sidekick Jeff the Landshark. Lady Mastermind kicks off a collection of Brotherhood of Mutants, Black Widow and Diamondback represent the Hotshots, and the X-Men recruit Multiple Man and a classic Iceman with ice cream cone. Copycat is another Weapon X member, Hydra Agent and Timebreaker are collectible generics, and the New Mutants start off strong with core members Cannonball, Rictor, and Sunspot.

Our uncommon collection from this brick is actually pretty small, but here we see a narrowing of the set’s themes as started above. Wolverine returns in X-Men blue and yellow and brings along clawed family members in X-23, Scout, and Daken. Uncommon Deadpool is a flexible fighter who loves manga, and his longtime pal Bob, Agent of Hydra is here to help. Boom-Boom chews gum and kicks ass for a wide range of teams, White Fox joins the Hotshots, and there are more mutants with Kid Omega and classic Jubilee.

It’s my sad duty to report that there is no rare Wolverine, but Wade Wilson is very well represented here with very… unique versions of the character like Sheriff Deadpool, Pandapool, and Mimepool (all of which came in the same booster with other Deadpools too)! On the side of good we’ve got X-Men Psylocke, Beast, Colossus, and Cyclops as opposed to Brotherhood of Mutants members Sabretooth, Rogue, and Lady Deathstrike. Last but certainly not least is the awesome Wakandan Atlas Bear to join the Hotshots and a gloriously retro Shatterstar.

This brick’s super rares are all X-Men, though very unique. Banshee flies through the air in his 90s blue and yellow costume, Domino leads the Hotshots and brings along her own luck with a special die, and Professor X goes to space to lead Starjammers and the Shi’ar. The Merc with a Mouth returns one last time in this brick’s chase pull, a macabre love story in plastic featuring the duo of Deadpool and Death!

Deadpool Weapon X as an expansion actually isn’t terribly daring when it comes to mechanics, bringing back a lot of favorites rather than trying a lot of new things. There are really fun traits that groups share to help each other out, specifically the Hotshots with various effects and Wolverine’s family’s “Family Bonding” that hands out free attacks in different circumstances. Lady Deathstrike brings back the “Target” trait for assassins, while characters like the Hydra Agent, Multiple Man, and Timebreaker generate more copies of themselves. Then there are some really fun and characterful traits like Iceman’s ability to buff allies with no special powers, Pandapool’s placement of bamboo Plant terrain that’s good for munching, and Jeff the Landshark’s healing pizza summoning ability! As you can see in the photos, some of the figures in this set come with oversized, decorated dice. Some of them are purely for fun (Wolverine, Deadpool), while others have special sides and are used in special powers or traits (Domino).

When envisioning a set focused around Deadpool and Weapon X, I figured we’d see a lot of red and black, a bunch of blades and some guns, and generally dark and violent-looking characters. What I was not prepared for, then, is the sheer range and scope of the really interesting figures here! Yes, there are Deadpools in red and black, and lots of claws and swords, but there are also bright spots of color, silly and goofy characters, and so much more. Wolverine’s various incarnations look great with the differently colored iconic costumes, and Deadpool… well, when you’ve got things like Pandapool and Mimepool you’re in for a good time. I love the thematic poses on figures like Lady Mastermind, Diamondback, and Scout, and the classic X-Force members like Cannonball, Rictor, Sunspot, Boom-Boom, and Shatterstar all have dynamic attacking sculpts, not to mention all the pouches you could ask for. You’ve got bright and colorful characters like classic yellow and blue costumed X-Men (Jubilee, Wolverine, Cyclops, Psylocke, Banshee), highly textured and metallic painted figures like Colossus, excellent paint and graphic details like the “Magneto Was Right” t-shirt on Kid Omega, a goofy dude eating an ice cream cone in Iceman, and a freaking adorable landshark eating pizza named Jeff! As usual the super rare and chase figures are particularly awesome, especially Professor X as Shi’ar Warlord with intimidating helm and swirling cape and Deadpool and Death with her awesome throne and bony elements. Lastly, I have to point out what may be the coolest figure in the entire set, Atlas Bear! The Wakandan warrior has it all with intricate textures on her clothing, a dynamic pose, and of course her awesome spinning vibranium meteor hammer.

This expansion continues the current trend of the Legacy Card, a bonus item included with each brick of boosters. These randomized cards let you bring older figures back into the current game of HeroClix, giving new traits, powers, point values, and more to figures from the recent or even very distant past. The Legacy Card we pulled here is for Tiamat from the Deadpool set all the way back in 2014! This new version cuts the points cost from 255 all the way down to 150, and replaces the original figure’s trait with two new ones. The first allows you to choose a Deadpool figure to be Tiamat’s pilot on the sideline, giving the figure access to additional powers and letting that Deadpool jump in when Tiamat is KO’ed; the second trait gives Tiamat an additional free attack each turn when he hits, and he can even remove an action token when he hits twice in a turn!

Before we wrap up, let’s check out some dials! A lot of this set has been previewed and spoiled already, but here are two of the most interesting (and rarest) figures from this brick:

Want even more Deadpool Weapon X fun? WizKids is rolling out a bunch of ancillary products alongside the booster set with multiple Play At Home kits, a Jeff the Landshark Pizza Party, Deadpool and Hit-Monkey Heist Pack, and more. Play at your local HeroClix venue to get a chance at even more like the Deadpool Weapon X Retail Chase Booster OP kit and Deadpool Weapon X Release Day kit.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this look into a booster brick of Deadpool Weapon by WizKids. I think this set is a must-have for all Marvel HeroClix fans, particularly those who count Wolverine and Deadpool among their favorite characters; you’re all but guaranteed to get multiple versions of those heroes with the purchase of just a couple boosters! This expansion has a nice range of sub-themes with interesting character selections, fun and silly figures alongside serious ones, great-looking sculpts and paint jobs, and of course endless ways that you can add to or begin your fun on the HeroClix tabletop as you incorporate Deadpools, Wolverines, X-Men, New Mutants, Brotherhood of Mutants, Hotshots, and more into your teams. Deadpool Weapon X is scheduled to hit stores next month with a pre-release event before the official launch, so make sure your local comic book or game store will be participating. As always, good luck with your pulls!

Visit for even more info as well as downloads of rules and maps, and stay tuned to Action Figure Insider as we continue our reviews of new HeroClix! If you don’t have access to a local comic book or game store at this time you can also order your HeroClix directly from the WizKids website.

Review and photos by Scott Rubin.

Review samples courtesy of WizKids Games.