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Join us Saturday, November 9th & Sunday, Nov. 10th for the fall edition of ToyConNJ in picturesque Parsippany, NJ!

As mentioned previously, Four Horsemen Toy Design co-owners Jim PreziosiEric Treadaway, and H. Eric “Cornboy” Mayse will all be there to greet con attendees and push their Mythic Legions crap. Speaking of which, not only will they have a mixture of items from the Siege at Bjorngar wave and other past Mythic Legions waves for sale at the show, but they’ll also be selling the Torgun Redfin debut figure from the upcoming Mythic Legions: Wasteland wave! Also at ToyConNJ will be the previously unannounced debut and sale of another character from the upcoming Mythic Legions: Wasteland wave – CassiaCassia and Torgun Redfin can be purchased separately for $40.00 each or for $80.00 for the pair.

For more details about ToyConNJ, just go to

Then, if you’re a Mythic Legions fan, be sure to stick around after ToyConNJ on Saturday evening for LegionsCon 2019! What’s LegionsCon you ask? Keep your eyes peeled for more news and announcements about that show later today…