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Toy Fair: Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2019 Wave 2 Figures! Scorpion!

Next up for discussion from the multitude of new series of Marvel Legends figures revealed by Hasbro at New York Toy Fair 2019 is the second (of most likely two) Spider-Man Marvel Legends series for the year! Whereas the first wave of the year had everyone buying it to get the Kingpin Build-A-Figure parts, I think every individual figure for this wave will be popular when pre-orders open up later this year…

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Far From Home Legends Series NY Toy FairAs the second Marvel Legends Spider-Man wave each year doesn’t usually hit until late summer, I wasn’t entirely sure how much of the series Hasbro was going to be willing to show off at the 2019 Toy Fair this weekend.

But Hasbro absolutely went big at NY Toy Fair, revealing 6 of the 7-8 figures in the series (and presumably all of the comic book-based ones)! Whereas the individual figures in the Kingpin Build-A-Figure series were met with a whimper, I think these five new reveals are more of a “Bang!”…

Toy Fair Marvel Legends Scorpion Figure Hasbro 2019First up, we’ve got one of the most-requested Spidey villains left that Hasbro still needed to cover: a new Scorpion Legends figure! There was a great Scorpion done in the Toybiz era, but this iteration tackles the other iconic costume for the character and gives us the metallic-paint look with mouth covered by Scorpion’s Mask.

New York Toy Fair Scorpion Marvel Legends FigureScorpion’s tail has a wire in it so that it can be posed and used to entangle Spidey. This looks great and is gonna be loads of fun! For sure the future most-demanded figure in the set.

Hydro-Man Figure Marvel Legends Toy Fair 2019Though he’s not quite as well-known as Scorpion, the first official Marvel Legends Hydro-Man will be premiering as part of the “Far From Home” wave as well (though obviously as a comic book figure).

New York Toy Fair Hasbro Spider-Man Legends Hydro-ManHasbro really got wild with the water effects piece arms for this Hydro-Man figure, and the splash effects for the feet will be removable. Awesome, fun and unique pick.

Marvel Legends Doppelganger Spider-Man FigureThe last new villain revealed is also getting his first-ever 6”’figure: Marvel Legends Doppelgänger Spider!

Toy Fair 2019 ML Spider-Man Doppelganger Spider FigureThis figure will be using the unpopular torso from the Six-Armed Spider-Man released last month, but I love this character and sculpt so much that I think I can overlook the mold’s shortcomings (particularly if it means getting a Doppelganger Spider-Man over never getting a Doppelgänger Spider-Man).

2019 Toy Fair Marvel Legends Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter FigureFinally, the one heroic comic-based figure Hasbro debuted for the wave at Toy Fair over the weekend is another first for them: a 6” Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman Marvel Legends figure (with an all-new web effects piece)!

NY Toy Fair Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman Legends Figure Close-UpWhile Julia Carpenter has fallen out of fashion in the comics somewhat over the last two decades, she was all the rage in the 90s. I love her black/dark purple costume and really dug her in the Iron Man animated series and Force Works back in the day. I don’t know how much of a huge seller this will be, but I’ll be happy to have it.

Far From Home Legends Stealth Suit Spider-Man Figure Toy FairRounding out the Toy Fair 2019 Spider-Man reveals are the two “Far From Home” Legends movie figures Hasbro was able to show at the event. They did say during their presentation that this wasn’t all for the movie, so we can still hold out hope for a movie-based Mysterio or other characters from the movie.

Toy Fair Spider-Man Far From Home Marvel Legends Upgrade Suit FigureBoth of the Marvel Legends Far From Home Figures revealed at Toy Fair 2019 are new versions of Spidey himself: one in the black Stealth Suit and one in the new red and black Upgrade Suit.

2019 New York Toy Fair Hasbro Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figures DisplayThese figures look fairly accurate based off of the limited looks we’ve had at them from various promotional materials, although neither gets my as pumped as the movie Iron Spider costume did. Hopefully these costumes grow on me more once I’ve seen them in action in the movie.

Marvel Legends 2019 Spider-Man Far From Home Reveals NY Toy FairThe Marvel Legends Spider-Man Far From Home wave of figures should be up for pre-order in a few months, as the goal would be for them to be on-shelf before the movie is in theaters this summer. I’ll post updates and pre-order links here and to the Marvel Toy News Twitter/Instagram/Facebook pages as soon as the remainder of the way is revealed and when the figures go up for PO.

For those who didn’t like the Kingpin Series, has Hasbro won you back over with what they’ve shown for the second Spider-Man Legends 2019 Wave? Are there any other characters from the movie you want to see in this series besides Mysterio, and what are you hoping gets the nod as the Build-A-Figure?

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