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Toy Fair New York 2019: Super Impulse

Big things do come in small packages! Super Impulse continued to impress at Toy Fair this year with their series of micro toys called World’s Smallest. What started with nostalgic toys from the 60s/70s has now grown to include more modern collectibles, such as this year’s inclusion of Milton Bradley’s Crocodile Dentist (1990), a mini Jumanji board game (1995) and WowWee’s interactive Fingerlings (2017). Look for all these new World’s Smallest toys and more on shelves individually packaged and in a blind boxed assortment.


Another line Super Impulse showed off again this year was their Tiny Arcade: incredibly small retro arcade cabinets that you can actually play! New games this year include Tetris, Pole Position, Q*bert, and Rally-X.  The Rubik’s Cube will also receive the Tiny Arcade treatment in the form of a handheld device called Rubik’s Tilt (August, $24.99).  The game displays a digital representation of the cube. Buttons help you select colors and rows, while players turn the rows/columns with a flick of their wrists.


The Tiny arcade series will also be branching out this year with the inclusion of Micro Arcade, credit card sized (!) versions of popular games. Games will include Pac-Man, Tetris, and a Micro Arcade that will pack in Centipede, Missile Command, and a bonus game of Pong! Personally I thought Pong should be included on all units, seeing how simplistic of a game it is. Another Tiny Arcade series will feature classic boardwalk games, such as Skee-Ball!

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