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Toy Fair New York 2019: Spin Master

Ever innovative toy company Spin Master had a strong showing at Toy Fair with fun collectibles for all age groups, boys and girls.


Continuing to sizzle in the young girls department, Spin Master has hatched their popular Hatchables  into numerous new sub-lines. Aside from the core Hatchables CollEGGtibles, these new lines included Hatchtopia Life – interactive plushies that include a code for you and your best friend to share, and the main attraction: Hatchable Wow – a large scale electronic wonder that puts Furby to shame.


For boys, Spin Master showed off a new series of blind boxed, err, EGGED creatures called Dragamonz. This fun collectible series will launch this Fall with 72 dragons to collect from 6 different power types/eggs. The line encourages collectors to literally SMASH their mystery egg on the ground to unveil the dragon prize inside. 


After over a decade, Bakugan, the popular game involving rolling , magnetic transforming battle creatures, is returning this year with updated play. The large tiled cards previously used are being replaced with smaller hexagonal ones for tighter and more strategic game play, while the Bakugan monsters will receive new characters, including a large Dragonoid. The toy line/game is being supported by BAKUGAN Battle Planet, the new animated series airing in North America on Cartoon Network.


Check out our photo gallery below for photos of all these toy lines and more, including Paw Patrol and the toothy Fugglers!

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