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Toy Fair New York 2019: Paladone

Paladone is a British company that may not be a household name here, but they have tons of cool and fun items from some of your favorite licenses.  At Toy Fair New York 2019 we checked out all of their best stuff, and we’ve got a full photo gallery so you can see it too – scroll down to see it all!

  • Video Games: Playstation controller alarm clock, mugs, Sega Saturn Smartphone Controller, Playstation controller button coasters, Pac-Man lights, Tetris lights and mug, Zelda lights, Super Mario Bros. mug and lamp, Donkey Kong bank and mug

  • DC: an incredible Batwing lamp the likes of which we’ve never seen before, Bat-Symbol projection alarm clock, Batman figure lamp, Bath Ducks, Batman symbol lights

  • Harry Potter: mugs, lights, journals, wands, banks, and tons more

  • Rick and Morty: Portal Gun keyring light, lights, Rick’s Ship USB light that plugs into your phone!

  • Crash Bandicoot: mugs and lights
  • Horror: mugs and lights

-Scott Rubin

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