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Toy Fair New York 2019: NECA

As always NECA’s booth was among our first stops at Toy Fair New York, and we’re excited to share with you all the awesome stuff they had on display for 2019 and beyond! Check out our photo gallery for looks at things like:

-Crash Bandicoot: Deluxe Crash, Coco, and Neo Cortex
-Spyro coming at the end of the month
-Halloween: Laurie Strode, 2018 8″ clothed Michael Myers, Halloween 2 Michael Myers (Q3 2019), Halloween 3 Trick ‘r Treaters three pack

-8″ Clothed Figures: They Live 2-Pack with TV, magazine, and newspaper, Nightbreed, Trick ‘R Treat Sam, Friday the 13th Corpse Pamela Vorhees, Megadeth Vic Rattlehead, Anthrax Scott Ian (including zombie head from his appearance on The Walking Dead), Karate Kid full lineup, Goonies Chunk and Sloth, Golden Girls full lineup, Bob Ross
-It: 1/4 Scale Pennywise, Ultimate Dancing Pennywise with multiple accessories and interchangeable parts including a light-up head, Accessory Set, original It Pennywise V2 with new heads, book, balloon, and monster hand

-Conjuring Universe figures
-Toony Terrors 5″ five points of articulation figures
-Gremlins: Gamestop exclusive Gamer Gremlin with NECA original arcade game
-Friday the 13th: Part V Ultimate Roy Burns, Ultimate Jason (both Q2 2019)
-Predator: 100th figure Alpha Predator inspired by original Jean-Claude Van Dam costume

-Kenner AvP inspired by the original line, “continuation” with Classic Berserker and Neomorph
-Alien 40th Anniversary Parker, will be re-releasing Alien figures this year as well
-Alien Series 13 out now
-Alien Series 14: Ripley with basketball, rifle, and hands, Deluxe Newborn with full articulation and stand, Warrior Alien with articulated neck that can be posed all the way back for swimming
-The Predator: Deluxe Assassin (Q2) is absolutely huge at 12″ fully erect, Emissary 1 (Q2) and Emissary 2 (Q3), Ultimate Lab Escape Predator with weapons, hands, and a NECA first LED light up mask
-AvP Arcade series: Dutch and Linn 2-Pack, three aliens for Spring: Chrysalis, Arachnoid, and Razorclaws
-Godzilla: King of the Monsters: standard Godzilla with new sculpt and fully articulated tail (Q2), Mothra and Rodan with bases and flying stands, Atomic Blast “Blue” Godzilla with blast and ricochet effects

-Godzilla 1956 Poster version with backdrop
-TMNT: 1/4 scale movie Shredder with removable faceplate and multiple weapons, 1/4 scale Foot Soldier, Cartoon Target 2-Packs with upcoming Bebop and Rocksteady

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