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Toy Fair New York 2019: Morphonauts

We caught up with Morphonauts at Toy Fair, the  interchangeable magnetic action figure line developed by Bo Hacking. Collectors may recall the Kickstarter for this line a couple years ago. While the first wave of figures were a good start (and Mr. Hacking admits it was a big learning experience), the line has since evolved. Morphonauts Wave Two was on display showing off tighter sculpts; a more subdued, mature color palette; and a more compact 4-inch scale (as opposed to Series One’s taller 5-inch) for wider cross play and display (your GI Joes can have some new friends… or foes!).


Morphonauts Wave Two stars 6 unique fantasy sci-fi characters, including a armored trooper, robots, and my personal favorite, a cool-looking alien mantis man. “Mix and Morph” is the name of the game with Morphonauts. Each character features extreme articulation in the form of traditional ball and hinge-joints, while limbs are attached via powerful hexagonal magnets for interchangeable fun. 


Morphonauts Wave 1 are available for purchase now at Bo Hacking hopes to launch Wave 2, most likely via Kickstarter again, in the near future. Stay tuned for updates right here on, as well as on the Morphonauts facebook page HERE

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