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Toy Fair New York 2019: Mattel

Toy giant Mattel had a press event in their epic showroom on Day 3 of Toy Fair New York 2019, though it was a bit understated with respect to what they had on display. With the DC license ending there was a smaller collector presence, though there were still dinosaurs of Jurassic Park/World, Hot Wheels, WWE, Toy Story, and much more. Scroll down to visit the display virtually with our complete photo gallery, where you’ll see:

  • Pokemon Detective Pikachu: Mega Construx large figures, playsets

  • Toy Story 4: large figures, small figures, minis, vehicles, and crossovers with ImagiNext, Hot Wheels, and Barbie. Plus apparel and role-play items

  • Breakout Beasts: 2 in 1 fusion beasts, buildable creatures in hatchable eggs

  • Jurassic World: Dino Rivals dinosaur toys, small figure Snap Squad

  • Super Hero Girls
  • WWE: belts, retro figures, Ultimate Collection, Elite Collection, Performance Center

  • DC: final figures in 12″ and Multiverse 6″, Shazam movie 4″, 12″, and role-play

  • Barbie
  • Harry Potter: character series and broomstick riders

  • Polly Pocket

  • Fisher-Price: Rescue Heroes, ImagiNext Batmobile and DC figure series featuring unique Batmen from deep in the DC Comics continuity catalog

  • Lil Gleemerz
  • Hot Wheels: Track Builder system, Scooby Doo & Batman: Brave and the Bold Mystery Machine-styled Batmobile and Batmobile collection, Jar Jar Binks Star Wars character car, Mario Kart racers, Fast & Furious collection, Disney Mickey Mouse character car, Captain Marvel character car, X-Men pop culture car series

  • Games!

-Scott Rubin

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