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Toy Fair New York 2019: FiGPiN

A first-timer at Toy Fair New York, FiGPiN is a company that’s made a big splash in the last year. While enamel pins seem to be everywhere these days FiGPiN has really taken them to a different level with top notch licenses and characters, a great style, sturdy products, and an innovative design. That’s because FiGPiNs aren’t just pins; their unique backing enables them to stand up on their own, making them like little statues or “figures” too! We caught up with the team behind the pins and saw their cool display including some examples of the new 6″ XL-sized pins (Thanos, Broly, Goku, All Might, and Spider-Man).

Besides killing it in the actual pin game, FiGPiN is steadily turning its fans and customers into a community, first with special promotions and announcements, and now with a new app. Now on your phone you can catalogue your pin collection, identify ones you need, trade with others, learn about new pins before anyone else, and get access to special deals by redeeming points earned by entering your pin codes. It’s pretty slick and a great tool for collectors. Scroll down to see the FiGPiN Toy Fair New York 2019 booth display!

-Scott Rubin

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