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Toy Fair New York 2019: Factory Entertainment

Factory Entertainment was another company that made some big announcements right before Toy Fair New York 2019, and so we were looking forward to see their display of new items, especially the small Kuzo collectibles. Below you’ll find a full photo gallery of what they had in the booth, which includes:

  • Pawz Play: cosplaying plush animals from DC, Star Trek, Universal Monsters, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future

  • Beatles: plush figures, Yellow Submarine
  • Monty Python: Holy Hand Grenade and Rabbit of Caerbannog plushes
  • Kuzos: Beatles Yellow Submarine, Jaws, Star Trek, James Bond, Game of Thrones, Ghostbusters, horror series, Monty Python, Looney Tunes, DC, and more

  • Harry Potter: figures and statues
  • Revos: Beetlejuice, Nightmare on Elm Street, Wizard of Oz, other horror properties, Ghostbusters, DC Comics, Star Trek, Jurassic Park
  • Tin Totes featuring fan-favorite licenses
  • Much more!

-Scott Rubin

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