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Toy Fair New York 2019: DC Collectibles

Right before Toy Fair New York 2019 began DC Collectibles unleashed a flood of new information and previews for collectors (see our story HERE), so we had a pretty good idea of what to expect in their booth at the show. Well, it’s one thing to see some press photos and it’s another to see these action figures and statues in real life, and there were even some surprises! We’ve got your full photo gallery tour of their displays below, where you’ll see things like:

  • Batman Black & White: Batman by Joe Maduereira and The Batman Who Laughs by Greg Capullo 2nd Edition

  • Batman Black & White Mini Figures: Box Set 4. Each mini box set comes with a seventh, non-Batman figure. In addition, DC Collectibles will be releasing blind boxed figures from this series at Walmart.
  • Harley Quinn Red, White, & Black: Metal Harley Quinn by Greg Horn Statue, Harley Quinn by John Timms

  • Bat-Family Multi-Part Statue: Red Hood!
  • Dark Nights: Metal Batman Statues: The Red Death, The Batman Who Laughs with Robin Minions. Also noteworthy is the Devastator statue’s head is attached to the body via a magnet so you can pose it!

  • Designer Series: Wonder Woman by Jenny Frison, Nightwing by Jim Lee, Batman by Frank Miller, Batman: Damned by Lee Bermejo
  • DC Essentials Action Figures
  • DC Prime Batman: the first in a new line of 9″ highly articulated, realistic action figures with lots of accessories and a display base

  • 1:1 scale animated Harley Quinn! Limited to just 50 pieces, will be available through Sideshow
  • DC Gallery Batman Cowls
  • DC ¡LUCHA EXPLOSIVA!: This line has really caught people’s attention with its fun style and bright colors. I was asked by Hector Navarro of DC Daily if the line is going to include characters of Latin descent, like Bane, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, and Jessica Cruz Green Lantern. DC Collectibles responded by saying that they have a lot planned for this series with more upcoming figures, and seemed to indicate that Bane will be a highly featured addition. No firm, on the record comment, though.

  • Engines of Chaos: rad, post-apocalyptic DC characters on vehicles based on art by Riley Rossmo. On display were Batman and Poison Ivy, with art of the next one – Lobo!

  • Wonder Woman Prop Shield: inspired by the art of George Perez
  • Batman: The Animated Series – STYLE figures: Azrael, Red Hood, and Deathstroke

  • DC Bombshells Statues: Death, Mary Marvel by Ant Lucia
  • Cover Girls: Huntress
  • Artists Alley: Chrissie Zullo (summer), James Groman (Fall)

-Scott Rubin

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