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Toy Fair New York 2019: Cryptozoic Entertainment

Originally a game company that has successfully crossed over into the wild world of collectibles, Cryptozoic Entertainment was a key stop for us at Toy Fair New York 2019. At their booth we saw new items, current series continuing, upcoming convention exclusives, and lots more. Below you’ll find a complete photo gallery of the display including:

  • San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusives: DC Bombshells Series 3 Golden Goddess versions, Lil Bombshells Red Raven
  • WonderCon 2019 Exclusives: DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Golden Goddess, Lil Bombshells Blackfire
  • CZX: a new concept for Cryptozoic, “CZX” items will be high end collectibles across all of their product lines. The first is Wonder Woman: Princess of Themiscyra, an incredible polyresin statue depicting the superhero as inspired by ancient Greek marble statuary ($150)

  • DC Comics: Wonder Woman movie 7″ vinyl statue, artwork for upcoming Batman Returns Catwoman 7″ vinyl statue, exclusive versions of the DC Bombshells Mera 7″ vinyl statue, Teekeez Series 2 repaints, Batman with Batarang hand statue

  • Cryptkins: Series 2 just released, and on display were 2019 variants for conventions and online exclusives. The first is the Treasure Kraken coming to ECCC (pre-orders starting soon). Series 3 is coming in 2020, and there will be a 5″ series with favorite creatures in new poses, packaged in window boxes. 6 in wave 1.
  • Trover Saves the Universe figure

  • Vinyl Terrorz: 7″ vinyl statues starting with Freddy Krueger (Q2 2019)! Up next will be Beetlejuice.

-Scott Rubin

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