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Toy Fair: Kotobukiya ARTFX Premier Statues! Hulk Thor Iron Man!

One of the primary things I’ve been looking forward to seeing at the 2019 Toy Fair is the new line of ARTFX Premier Statues that Kotobukiya surprise-announced with a teaser image of Captain America and Thor earlier this week. Well, as expected those first two pieces appears today at Toy Fair—along with surprise debuts of Hulk and Iron Man! Having seen these pieces in person, there’s no question Kotobukiya has upped their detail and quality game… although they’ve up their prices as well…

Toy Fair 2019 Kotobukiya ARTFX Premier Iron Man and Captain AmericaWhen Koto posted their announcement teaser earlier this week for the new Marvel ARTFX Premier statue line, speculation immediately began that Kotobukiya was introducing a new line of more expensive, more detailed “high-end” ARTFX PVC statues. And now that I’ve had a chance to visit the Kotobukiya booth at New York Toy Fair 2019, I can confirm that that is indeed the case.

Basically, these are going to be the most detailed (both in paint deco and sculpting) 1:10 scale Marvel statues that the world has ever seen. And unlike the open-run ARTFX+ statues that we’re used to seeing discounted, these will be made in strictly-limited numbered editions. As far as quality goes, these set a new standard for Koto PVCs.

Kotobukiya Toy Fair 2019 Thor ARTFX Premier Statue Up-Close

Unfortunately, they also set a new benchmark for Kotobukiya PVC pricing, as these 1/10th scale PVC figures are apparently retailing for $139.99 and up, with Captain America priced at $139.99 and Thor priced at $149.99.

Toy Fair 2019 Kotobukiya Hulk ARTFX Premier StatueConsidering that other companies are selling larger resin statues at prices lower than that, this pricing comes as a bit of a shock. These figures looked amazing at Toy Fair, but I’d have to think long and hard about purchasing them at those prices–limited runs or no.

ARTFX Premier Statues at NY Toy Fair 2019

The four characters announced for the line–and shown in painted form–at the New York Toy Fair are:

  • Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Captain America

Iron Man ARTFX Premier PVC Figure Toy Fair 2019

The ARTFX Premier Iron Man is probably my favorite of the four figures shown (although I need yet another Iron Man like I need a hole in the head, admittedly).

ARTFX Premier Captain America at 2019 New York Toy Fair KotobukiyaPoor Captain America’s arm was broken off already to begin the show, so he didn’t leave the most glowing first impression, but I do think he still looked very nice.

ARTFX Premier Hulk Kotobukiya Toy Fair 2019

ARTFX Premier Hulk looks awesome, although I shudder to think what he’s going to cost with his massive size and weight if Thor is 150 bucks already.

ARTFX Premier Thor Statue at New York Toy Fair 2019Thor is the first release in the line and should be up for order online very, very soon as he’s scheduled to be shipped in July 2019. Captain America is second in the series with an anticipated release in August 2019. Hulk and Iron Man’s prices and release windows are still to be determined.

I’ve posted more photos of all four Avengers ARTFX Premier statues on the Marvel Toy News Facebook Page, and I’ll be updating the MTN Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with more toy and collectible news from Toy Fair all weekend and throughout the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

What do you think of our first peek at this new line of high-end Kotobukiya Marvel PVCs? Are you up for premium 1:10 PVC figures at premium prices, or is this line a hard sell to you?

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