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Toy Fair: Diamond Select Iceman & Carnage Resin Statues!

One company that never, ever disappoints me at Toy Fair is Diamond Select Toys, and they continued that streak with some absolute eye-poppers at the 2019 Toy Fair. I’ll talk about their various Marvel Select, Gallery and Minimates figures throughout the next few days, but today let’s look at the items that impressed me most: their upcoming Marvel Premier Collection Iceman, Carnage and Green Goblin statues!

I’m not the type of collector who likes the exaggerate and say every new piece I see a company put out is the “best ever”, but I’m just gonna come right out and say it here: this Diamond Select Iceman Premier Collection Statue…? Yeah—it’s the best Iceman statue ever. 

I feel a little dirty saying that, because I own several Bowen Designs Iceman statues that I love dearly, but I gotta be honest: I really, really love this piece by DST. And as good as my classic Bowens are, I think this new resin 1/6th Iceman might be just a wee bit better. 

Looking at the complexity and size of this resin DST Iceman, I was actually taken aback that it’s possible at the $150 MSRP it’s set at at all. But with extremely little paint deco to apply, Diamond Select Toys has found a way to make it work. 

Sadly, the estimated shipping date for Iceman isn’t until 2020, so it looks like we’ll have a few months’ wait before Bobby Drake ice-slides in for pre-orders. 

I suspect we’re going to have a similarly long wait time for the new Marvel Premier Collection Carnage Statue, which was so brand-spanking new that it didn’t even have a placard at the show. 

Finally, we have the new Marvel Premier Collection Green Goblin Statue, which had its first official images released just prior to Toy Fair. 

I was a little bit lukewarm toward this DST Green Goblin Statue based off of online photos, but it is a seriously impressive piece in person. Huge and dynamic for the Premier Collection Series, this rivals any resin Green Goblin Statue I’ve seen come out of any company. 

All three of these Diamond Select Toys Marvel Premier Collection statues should be up for order at some point this year, with Green Goblin scheduled to arrive during 2019. DST is really going all-in with their resin statues lines, and with their popularity growing all the time, any of these major pieces could sell out their 3000 edition sizes prior to release. 

Thoughts on this trifecta of beautiful releases from Diamond Select, Marvel collectors? Are any of these $150 statues on your radar for coming year?

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