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Toy Fair 2019 Preview: Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Series Announced!

Earlier this year, rumors began swirling regarding an all-new unannounced series of Hasbro Marvel 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Figures. I don’t like to comment on leaked news—especially with Toy Fair coming up fast—so I haven’t talked about those rumors up until now. But today, things changed—because they’re rumors no more! As announced during the Hasbro Investor Preview Event today, the new 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends figures series will be revealed at New York Toy Fair 2019 this weekend!

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Figures Announcement Banner Toy Fair 2019On the eve of the 2018 Toy Fair (almost exactly a year to the day in the past), retailers shocked the world by suddenly placing the first MCU 10th Anniversary Legends six inch figures up for sale: MCU Iron Man Mark VII, Captain America and Crossbones.

It looks like cosmic rays really can strike twice, because the day before the 2019 Toy Fair, Hasbro has revealed the first five figures in the previously unconfirmed “80 Years of Marvel” Legends series!

From the small teaser image Hasbro revealed today during their Investor Preview Event, we can make out these five new figures: First Appearance Wolverine, Comic-based Classic Hulk, Classic Captain America, Classic Iron Man and Classic Thor. In case you missed the overall theme of this quintet: they’re all classic comic book-inspired figures.

This is the first time Hasbro has released a mostly-new comic book Hulk Legends figure in years, and the new ML Hulk looks phenomenal. He appears to have butterfly shoulder swivels, and is all but confirmed to come with interchangeable hands and a ripped shirt accessory. I think this will be replacing Toybiz Face-Off Hulk in many collectors’ collections!

Marvel Legends 80 Years Figures PreviewOther highlights of the Toy Fair 2019 preview image include the sculpted (!) mail on Captain America’s costume, the First Appearance Wolverine that X-Men fans have been asking for for ages, and the first genuinely classic-looking Thor and Iron Man in years. If the rest of the 80th Anniversary Wave is as good as these figures, 6” collectors are in for a real treat this year (and Hasbro is in for a lot of our money)!

For the MCU movie-only collectors out there, though—take heart! Several never-before-done MCU Legends figures are heavily rumored to be included as part of this Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary series. More on this tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I’ll be posting photos and information live from the Hasbro Press Event at New York Toy Fair Saturday afternoon, so be sure to follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter to get my latest news from the show as soon as I’ve posted it.

What do you think of our first look at the 80 Years ML figures, and what are your hopes and dreams for the rest of the series, Marvel collectors?

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