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Toy Fair 2019: Marvel Gallery Statues! Beast! Goblin Queen! (DST)

Yesterday I talked about the impressive trio of resin Marvel Premier Collection statues Diamond Select Toys brought to New York Toy Fair 2019, but today let’s look at the latest entries in their ever-improving and extremely popular Marvel Gallery PVC range! As always, DST brought the goods to Toy Fair, with brand new value-priced Marvel Gallery Beast, Proxima Midnight, Goblin Queen and Captain Marvel PVC figures!

Toy Fair 2019 Marvel Gallery Reveals Beast Goblin Queen Proxima MidnightWalking into the Diamond Select Toys booth at the 2019 Toy Fair yesterday, there were a handful of things that caught my eye amidst the onslaught of toys lining the shelves in the booth. One of those things was the Marvel Gallery Beast Statue.

When DST debuted their Marvel Select Beast figure at last year’s show, a lot of collectors complained that they didn’t like how feral Hank McCoy’s portrait looked. With this Beast Gallery figure, though…? I doubt anybody is going to complain!

Toy Fair 2019 Beast Marvel Gallery StatueThe toothy, grinning Beast head sculpt on this PVC Marvel Gallery Statue is exactly how I envision the character in my mind. The portrait on this figure is overflowing with personality. Love it!

Marvel Gallery Beast Statue New York Toy Fair 2019For the statue’s pose, Diamond Select opted for an upside-down, acrobatic design that is so perfectly Hank McCoy. This is easily one of the coolest and most fun pieces in the whole DST Gallery line to-date.

Toy Fair Beast Marvel Gallery Statue Diamond Select ToysThe Beast Marvel Gallery Statue is expected to release in fall 2019, so we should see him up for PO in a couple months. Can’t wait for this one! Hopefully we get more X-Men Gallery statues revealed in the near-future, as I’m dying for Gambit, Cyclops, Colossus and more to get this kind of exquisite treatment.

New York Toy Fair 2019 Marvel Gallery Goblin Queen and Punisher StatuesOne other new comic-based Statue also debuted for Marvel Gallery: Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor! Cyclops’ one-time wife and the clone of Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor is a perennially popular villain despite only appearing sporadically since the classic “Inferno” storyline decades ago.

Marvel Gallery Goblin Queen Statue 2019 Toy FairWith the Marvel Gallery Mr. Sinister expected to launch for pre-order in the very near future, the Goblin Queen is a fantastic choice for a companion piece and will pair quite well with Sinister.

NY Toy Fair 2019 Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor Statue Marvel GalleryThe pose on the Goblin Queen figure is well-executed, and the goblin climbing out of the base is great. X-Men villain + Scantily-clad woman + terrific sculpt = top seller for Diamond Select Toys.

Toy Fair Diamond Select Toys Proxima Midnight StatueOn the movie front, we get a Starforce Captain Marvel (which I’ll talk about later today alongside the Marvel Select figure) and the third member of the Black Order: Marvel Gallery Proxima Midnight!

2019 NY Toy Fair Black Order Marvel Gallery Proxima Midnight FigureProxima Midnight unfortunately made the smallest impression on me of her team in Avengers Infinity War, but I think that this is a really nice-looking, action-packed PVC statue of the character.

Marvel Gallery Black Order Statues New York Toy Fair 2019The detailing and effects on Proxima’s three-pronged spear look wonderful, and I love the hate-filled look on her face.

Anyone looking to assemble the whole Black Order in Statue form should be really pleased with this piece—which is good since I don’t imagine there are any other statue companies chomping at the bit to do a whole set of Black Order statues. Cull Obsidian is still planned and in-development, and will complete the quartet.

Beast Marvel Gallery PVC Figure New York Toy FairAll of these newly-revealed statues should be up for order online in the coming months, and I’ll post links to PO them both here and on our social media once they go up for sale. Proxima Midnight is a movie statue, so she’ll be a more limited release than Beast or Goblin Queen. Diamond Select has a good record of getting these pieces out on-time, so I think it’s unlikely we’ll see any of them slip outside their estimated summer/fall release dates.

What do you think of this trifecta of Marvel Gallery Toy Fair reveals? Do any of these economically-priced PVC figures light a fire in your heart, or are you disappointed in what DST brought to show off this year?

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