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Top BigBadToyStore Picks For November #TheMandalorian #Deadpool #Catwoman

With Halloween now behind us, the countdown to Christmas is on! This month, gives you permission to stuff your stockings early with two awesome in-stock superhero collectibles: Catwoman and Deadpool! For collectors looking for the ultimate in Mandalorian tech, Big Bad has what you need with a hot new pre-order. This is the way…



Star Wars: The Black Series The Mandalorian 1:1 Scale Wearable Helmet (Electronic)

Right before the launch of The Mandalorian’s second season on Disnet+, “Mando Mondays” have become an anticipated event with fans. The weekly announcements by companies like Hasbro have brought collectors news of upcoming Star Wars items, including this  awesome new replica: The Mandalorian 1:1 Scale Wearable Helmet. Priced at $119.99 and slated to ship next summer (June), this authentic prop replica not only allows fans to cosplay Dyn Jarren in style, but it packs several cool electronic features, including a removable tactical light, as well as dual red interior lights that can be activated while the helmet is upside-down! All this sweet piece needs is your Star Wars fandom and a battery (requires one 1.5v AA battery, not included).



Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Premium Interactive Head

Speaking of life-size replicas, get a load of this guy… or what’s left of him. Presenting  Deadpool’s Premium Interactive Head – a premium, electronic, app-enhanced collectible with over 600 SFX and phrases, multiple sensors, and motors for expressive movement (whew!). Download the free app, set Deadpool up to play pranks, insult your friends and loved ones, or wake you up every morning… maybe even on time! I laughed my butt off when Hasbro announced this item back in June, as it’s just so FUN. What’s great about this piece is that it is IN-STOCK NOW! Talking about a quick turnaround! Grab yours at priced at $99 (with $4 Flat Rate Shipping!).  



Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman 1/6 Scale Figure

There have been numerous Batman cartoons produced over the years, but few as beloved as 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series. Aside from its great story telling, BTAS wowed fans with it’s amazing animated style. And while collectors have recevied action figures before based on Batman: The Animated Series, it took Mondo to super-size the characters as stunning 1:6th scale collectibles! Mondo’s most recent release is Gotham City’s famous burglar,  Selina Kyle, aka: Catwoman! IN-STOCK NOW priced at $159.99, Catwoman stands over 11 inches tall and comes fully loaded with purr-fect accessories, including her trademark whip (coiled and flexible), spy camera, Bat cuffs, and the spils of her thievery, such as a large diamond, jeweled necklace, and bag of loot. Catwoman also comes with her feline companion, Isis the Cat, along with THREE expressive head sculpts (sneering, smirking and standard)! Sink your claws into this fun figure before it’s gone!