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Throw Back to your Childhood with Nostalgic 80’s Tiki Mugs at Toynk

Kids of the 80s, this one is for you! welcomes nine new Geeki Tikis from the manufacturer Beeline Creative. The new Kids of the 80s Geeki Tikis Tiki Mug collection is based on 1980’s Pop Culture Icons from Tom and Jerry, General Mills Cereals, G.I. Joe, and the feature film The Goonies.

Geeki Tikis Tiki Mugs combine pop culture’s most beloved characters with the unique stylization seen in traditional tiki culture. The nine new Geeki Tikis in the Kids of the 80s Collection are the perfect addition to any tiki bar or bar cart.



Geeki Tikis The Goonies Sloth and Chunk Ceramic Mugs | Set of 2

Tag along the treasure-seeking adventure with this Geeki Tikis mug set. This creative drinkware combines two of our favorite Goonies, Chunk, and Sloth, with our unique tiki-styling. Excuse us, we meant Captain Chunk! Expertly crafted with high-end sculpted detailing, the colorful designs will add a pop of color and nostalgia to your home bar.

The bright red Captain Chunk ceramic mug holds 18-ounces of your favorite beverage. The blue Sloth ceramic mug holds 24-ounces. Get your hands on the collectible mug set before the Fratelli family does first. Otherwise, you might have to walk the plank.



Geeki Tikis Tom and Jerry Ceramic Mugs | Set of 2

Get into a game of cat and mouse with this Geeki Tikis Tom and Jerry mug set. Inspired by the classic animated rivals, these collectible tumbler mugs give the cartoon icons a tropical upgrade.

The troublemaker and frequent instigator of the duo’s shenanigans, Tom, is featured in a classic gray design with a ukulele in one hand and holds 18 ounces. Careful — you never know when he might start swinging if he catches sight of his ever-elusive prey. The witty and cheese-loving mouse, Jerry, is featured standing on a coconut crate with a tropical cocktail in his paws and holds 16 ounces.



Geeki Tikis General Mills Cereal Mascots Ceramic Mugs | Set of 3 or Sold Separately

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids! Beeline Creative presents new Geeki Tikis mugs featuring iconic General Mills cereal mascots! This fun bundle includes Geeki Tikis mugs of Sonny the Cuckoo (Cocoa Puffs), Lucky the Leprechaun (Lucky Charms), and the Trix Rabbit! (Trix cereal). Crafted from high-quality ceramic, each 16 (Lucky and Sonny) to 20 (Trix) ounce tiki mug is durable enough for daily use and intricately designed to showcase each mascot’s personality. General Mills Cereal Mascot Mugs are also sold separately!



Geeki Tikis G.I. Joe Ceramic Mugs | Set of 2 or Sold Separately

Knowing is half the battle! We are declassifying our top-secret G.I. Joe collection with this Geeki Tikis Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow mug set. Inspired by Hasbro’s popular media franchise, this collectible drinkware gives the mysterious G.I. Joe commando and the Cobra assassin a tropical upgrade. The high-end sculpted detailing is true to both characters. Snake Eyes is depicted in his signature black ninja uniform, with Storm Shadow in white. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, each 16-18-ounce tiki mug is durable enough for daily use and elite ninja missions. Experience the aloha with every sip! G.I. Joe Ceramic Mugs are also sold separately.

Pack in the nostalgia of the ’80s with every sip! The officially licensed Geeki Tikis are now available on